Our Philosophy

crossSaint Joseph School is a community of Christians following Gospel values providing an atmosphere of security, acceptance and concern.  It is a community in which students grow spiritually, academically, and socially.  We are committed to teaching Catholic Christian values, meeting individual needs, developing self-discipline along with self-esteem, and maintaining open lines of communication.


Religious Education





A.    The foundation of the religious education of children begins at home, and we as educators will continue to cooperate and work with parents to build on that foundation.


B.    We will foster a Faith Community by becoming aware of and responding to community needs through various service projects.


C.    Our students will prepare and participate in weekly liturgies.


D.    The religious education program emphasizes the importance of daily prayer in our students’ lives.


E.    There is on-going involvement of pastoral staff in sacramental preparation and in the classroom religious education of our students.


F.    We will infuse peace and justice interests throughout our curriculum in order to fulfill our mission of global education.  This mission is to produce citizens who are both knowledgeable about the world, and who possess skills, values, and a commitment appropriate for the support of quality long-term survival of all human beings.



How Children Learn




A.    We agree that children learn through a variety of teaching techniques and strategies including large and small group activities, cooperative groups, hands-on experiences, and field trips.


B.    We agree that the best learning occurs in a non-threatening, age appropriate  atmosphere that encourages development of positive self-esteem.






A.    Students are expected to be responsible for their own behavior.


B.    The discipline policy will reflect Catholic Christian values.


C.    Discipline will be a cooperative effort between home and school.


D.    Consequences will fit the behavior.


E.    Students will show respect for self, others, and property.


F.    The discipline policy will encourage a positive learning environment.


G.    The discipline policy will be school wide, appropriate to the individual child.






A.    The faculty will participate in on-going evaluation to update textbooks and materials used in the classrooms.


B.    The staff will participate in on-going professional staff development.


C.    Each classroom will have age appropriate materials for student needs.


D.    Each classroom teacher will utilize the expertise of the community whenever possible.


E.    Each classroom teacher will recognize and provide for individual ability levels: Differentiated Instruction.


F.    Our school helps students develop the knowledge and skills necessary for working with others of varying ethnic and religious backgrounds.




Parent Involvment


A.    Communication is the key to a successful learning experience.


B.    The school needs to be notified of significant changes within the student’s home environment that would affect the student’s performance or attitude in the classroom.


C.    It is necessary for the healthy over-all development of the child that the parents be actively involved in their education.


D.    The parents should be involved and informed of their child’s school activities.


E.    It is the parents’ responsibility to be aware of and follow the policies in the Saint Joseph School Handbook.



Learning Environment


A.    We strive for a positive learning environment in which all students feel capable of success.


B.    We encourage students to take pride in their school and respect all school property.


C.    The teacher is a guide in learning while the students are responsible for their accomplishments.

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