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Mission Statement

St Joseph School Mission Statement

The mission of Saint Joseph School is to enable students to have an opportunity to be unique, contemporary and oriented to Christian service. Saint Joseph School is unique by its commitment to Catholic Christian education and by its integration of religion with the rest of learning and living. It is contemporary because it enables students to address with Christian insight the multiple problems which face individuals and society today. It promotes Christian service as it helps students acquire skills, virtues and habits of heart and mind required for effective service to others.
All those involved in the Saint Joseph School community---parents, students, pastors, teachers, support staff, and administration---must earnestly desire to make it a community of faith which is indeed "living, conscious and active."

Diocese of Des Moines Mission Statement

The mission of the Catholic Schools of the Diocese of Des Moines is to provide meaningful educational experiences for the children/adolescents in an environment integrated by Gospel values that nurture faith, community, prayer, and service.

Therefore we believe that

Catholic schools exist to teach the traditions and doctrines of the Catholic church and to live the Gospel message of Jesus Christ.

Parents are the primary educators and that Catholic schools are partners with parents in the education of the their children/adolescents.

Each child/adolescent in a Catholic school, regardless of race, cultural heritage, or gender, grows in self-esteem through the development of her/his talents, skills and interests.

Catholic schools will provide a warm, caring environment where children/adolescents will be challenged to learn the essential curriculum regardless of learning rate or style.

All children/adolescents in Catholic schools learn the value of human dignity and the concepts of peace and justice to enable them to be involved participants in a global society.

District Contact

Phone: 515-266-3433
Fax: 515-266-2860
2107 E. 33rd St
Des Moines IA 50317