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November Phys. Ed. Info

​Middle School students in grades 5-8 will be starting a volleyball unit. This unit is designed to provide the students with some very basic skills and knowledge to participate in volleyball. Hopefully we will acquire the social skills necessary to work together in a positive and productive manner. Objectives in the unit will be for students to perform basic skills such as forearm pass (bump), overhead set, and serve. The goal is for students to display etiquette and sportsmanship during this unit. Elementary students will continue to develop and improve their locomotor and manipulative skills. They will be participating in striking lessons using their hands,racquets, and other small implements. This will improve their eye-hand coordination. 3rd and 4th grades will be doing volleyball lead-up activities and games.

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Oct./Nov. Phys. Ed. News

Middle School Physical Education: Students in 5-8th grades have completed their fall fitness testing and have set baseline scores and times. Next April we will retest to see if their has been growth and improvement in physical strength, cardio endurance, speed and agility, and flexibility. Students will work all year long at fitness routines that will help them to grow in each of these fitness areas. Wednesday will be our "Workout Days" where the MS students will participate in strength/flexibility/ cardio workouts developed by personal trainers and myself. We will focus on our core muscles quite a bit during these workouts. Our sports related activites on Thursdays will include Gator Ball and Football in October, and Volleyball in November. Elementry Physical Education: Grades 3-4 have completed their fitness testing in October and yes they all survived the mile and half-mile run test! Students in K-4 have been working on improving locomotor and agility skills. We have focused on proper overhand throwing techniques and manipulation of various objects such as hoops, beanbags, playground balls, footballs, etc.. we will focus on rythmn and working together with the parachutes. We will work on kicking skills with soccer balls, and continue working on proper throwing form. In November we will have a striking unit that will be a lead-up to volleyball skills in Middle School. Mr. Bender

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