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First Grade News for the Week of October 24th

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First Grade News for the Week of October 24th October Dates to Remember: October 31st- Halloween party at 2:00 November 1st: Mass (instead of Wednesday) November 2nd- All Saints prayer service at 2:30 November 3rd- Dress Down Day (no money needed) November 8th- Home and School Meeting at 6:30 November 11th- Spirit Day (bring $1 to be out of uniform in jeans and a team shirt) November 17th- Dress Down Day for Missions (bring $1 to be out of uniform) November 22nd- Buddy Activity at 2:00 November 23-25- Thanksgiving break November 30th- Advent prayer service at 2:40 Lesson 7 Spelling Words: in, will, did, sit, six, big, grin, trip Lesson 7 HFW (high frequency words): animal, of, how, some, make, why Ali was the “Big Cheese” this week. She shared her stuffed penguin, the ceramic cats she painted. And the Beanie Baby cat she got from her grandma. We read one of her favorite ABC books. Here is what we did this week: Math: We wrote number sentences for “some, some went away” stories. These are subtraction story problems. We practiced counting backwards from 10-1. We identified morning, afternoon, evening, and night. We used magazine pictures to create a collage showing what we do during these time periods. We estimated and measured the length and width of our tables using a nonstandard unit of measure. We used our linking cubes to measure. We worked with our adding 1 addition facts. Grammar: We differentiated complete from incomplete sentences. We identified the subject of the sentence as the part that tells who or what. The predicate tells what someone or something does. We are learning how to identify and use commas in a series. Writer’s Workshop: We used our five senses to describe the beach. We wrote our ideas on our planning sheet and then used our ideas in complete sentences. Our new lesson is poetry and we are learning how to generate rhyming words to use in our poems. Science: We painted our clay beads that we made last week. We worked with sand to create sand sculptures. We used a binding agent to hold the sand in place. Our final investigation will be soil explorations. Social Studies: We began our new unit, Everything Changes. In our first lesson we used the words past, present, and future to describe changes that happen in our lives. We learned that a timeline can show information about events in order. Reading: We played “I Have, Who Has?” to practice fluency with our spelling and vocabulary words. We practiced decoding words with the short a sound. We also decoded words with a –ck ending and double consonant endings such as add, pass, and hill. We read the fairy tale, The Three Pigs. We compared the wolf in that story to the wolf in Jack and the Wolf. We are reading an informational text, How Animals Communicate. We will focus on the main idea and details in an informational text. Our spelling focus is words with the short I sound. We now have 8 words on our list. We are also learning about words with blends with r such as trip and grin. Religion: We learned that the rosary is a form of prayer. We colored the beads on a rosary to align with the prayers that we say. We learned that the mysteries of the rosary are stories about Mary and Jesus. We learned that God created everything in the world out of nothing. God made everything for all of us.
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