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Finish Strong!

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Hi 2nd grade parents! It's amazing to think the end of the year is already around the corner! It is important to keep our students focused and finishing strong! In Math, we are getting deeper into multiplication and mixed numbers. We are still getting timed on our math facts every day so it is important that we continue to practice those at home. The students are a little intimidated by the mixed numbers, but they are continuing to move along! Please keep working with your child at home as well. In Writing, the students have been exposed to many different types of writing. They are currently working on response poem. They are working on rhyming and working a lot with partners. In Reading, the students are currently learning different vowel teams that make the same sound, contractions, and inferencing. Recently we have also been spending a lot of time on fluency - as this is a huge factor in improving our reading level and our comprehension. We have been doing many different activities during our center time that keep the children engaged while they are learning. Some of the activities are vocabulary practice, matching activities, grammar sorts, and riddles that lead us to the correct answer. In Science, we are in the middle of our Insects and Plants Unit. Before Spring Break, we planted Brassica seeds. We have continued to watch them grow and become much bigger! We have observed these plants and recorded their changes over time. Our mealworms have slowly but surely turned into beetles! The kids love this and this is very exciting for them. The students really enjoy this time and so do I to see them so engaged and enjoying classtime. Also, it helps to have hands that will actually handle the bugs. ;) We will be finishing our Unit with a trip to the zoo to experience different wildlife! In Social Studies, we are nearing the end of Chapter 4. We have learned about different heroes in history including Thomas Edison, Thomas Jefferson, and Sitting Bull, among many others. The students have discussed and wrote about what it means to be a hero. In Handwriting, we have been practicing our best D'Nealian handwriting. D'Nealian is the handwriting curriculum used at St. Joseph's. D'Nealian has longer, more curly stems. This will help the students get ready for cursive that they will begin learning next year. In Religion, we have been reading our First Communion booklets. We are finished with those, and will be practicing today and this weekend for First Communion on Sunday! It is all so exciting. Let's continue to push our kids and get them to finish strong! Please don't hesitate to ever let me know if you have any questions or concerns. Thanks!'
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