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Hi 2nd Grade parents! Hope you have been enjoying listening to the silly stories your 2nd grade children have been telling me the past week and a half - I sure have!


Let's look at a little of what we have gone over the past week and a half, and what is to come for the next couple of weeks.


In Math, we have been conquering the students' calendar skills. Each day we write the date, count by 1's and 10's, talk about the temperature outside and then input it on our "temperature graph," and count how many students are present/absent, as well as how many students are eating the school's lunch versus the students who brought lunch from home. Other things we have been trying to master are our "doubles addition facts" such as 2+2, 3+3, 4+4. We have been working on those for the past 3 days or so. We also have been working on telling time, being able to tell our right from left, and the order of the days of the week. The students have been doing marvelous with all of this! We are just now getting into patterns using different colors and shapes. 


In Science, we have just begun our unit on Air. The students have experimented with balloons, feathers, straws, foam balls, parachutes, syringes, tubes, and water. The students enjoy this time of day very much! They are all so excited to be able to use tools and learn by doing. This is great for me, because this is my favorite way I like to teach. I have had the best results with students in the past doing this. In the near future, we will be making balloon rockets and showing movement of air in many different ways. Soon after, we will be getting into weather.


In Reading, the students have been partaking in centers. Some of these center have included Reader's Theatre, noun/verb games, sequencing games, writing sentences about filling up our "buckets" and keeping them full, and SPARKLE! Sparkle enhances your child's spelling abilities, while also having them pay extra attention so that they don't get out. (ask your kids about Sparkle, they love it!) We will be starting our Journeys curriculum on Wednesday the 3rd. This will also include center work utilizing different skills through activities and games that will keep the students engaged.


In Social Studies, we have finished the first Unit. We just took our first Social Studies test today. The students seemed to have done quite well. The test included information about suburbs, urban/rural areas, neighborhoods, communities, leaders, groups, and finding locations on a grid. I will be sending the students' tests home with them for you all to see how they did. We will begin Unit 2 on Monday.


In Writing, the students have written poems to God about what they are thankful for, and their favorite thing God created. The students have also made their own Acrostic poems, and they wrote what they would do if they could see their friends' "invisible buckets" over their heads. Your children are extremely creative! I am looking forward to seeing what my students are capable of when we start writing narative sentences! Writing will also be incorporated into Reading and into the new Journeys curriculum.


In Religion, we have talked a lot about God's creation and what we are thankful to God for. We have a quiz/test (I call it a test) tomorrow over Unit 1. (It was a very short unit and the students will do great on it. We will have a review session before the 'quest') Further down the road, we will be learning about Reconciliation and what it means to confess our sins to the Lord.



Side Note: Something we have been having a lot of trouble with in 2nd grade is our behavior issues. We have great kids in 2nd grade, however, we have a tendency to make poor choices throughout the day with many warnings, and even being put down a color (or two or three) on the behavior chart. The side conversations are what is causing chaos in the classroom, and causes everyone in the class to start talking. I have told the students I will not talk over them, however, some still do not understand that when the teacher is talking, they are to be listening with their eyes on the teacher, mouths closed, and hands at their sides. We also have a bit of an issue with keeping our hands to ourselves. This is something that we can all definitely overcome! Please encourage your children to have the best attitude in school and remind them that the choices they make are THEIR choices and no one else's! I know we can have a great year filled with fun and excitement, so let's push each other to help your children/my students have the best experience in 2nd grade that they possibly can!


I am looking forward to what the rest of this year has in store for me and your children! Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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