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Happy Fall

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October is just around the corner, and we have a lot going on this month!  Several things are still in the works so stayed tuned for additional information coming soon.  

Planner Policy: 

5th grade has a new policy for our student planners.  Students must fill out their planner with all assignments (even those they have already completed).  Parents need to sign their child’s planner every night.  Students who have their planner signed every day during the week will get their name in a drawing for a prize the following week!  You should expect your child to have homework in at least one or two subjects every day. 


Conferences are coming up the week of October 13th.  Make sure to sign up for a time when the sign-up sheet becomes available. 


Students will be taking Iowa Assessments the week of October 6th.  Please make sure your student is well rested and has a good breakfast on testing days!


In math we have homework assigned every night unless there is a test that day.  We have already finished the first 20 lessons and have just taken our 3rd test. 

We have a new scoring system for homework in Math.  All homework will be worth 5 points.  Students will earn points for completing the assignment and attempting all problems.  They will lose points is the assignment is late, the assignment is incomplete, or they are not grading their assignment in the class time given.  Homework should be a chance for students to practice their skills, and I believe this new grading scale for homework better reflects that.  Please let me know if you have any questions. 

Spelling and Language

Students have a spelling test every Tuesday.  They are given the list on Wednesday morning.  Students may choose to handwrite the list into their planner or to staple a typed list into their planner. 


Our writing projects are due every Thursday.  On Thursdays we create our organizer for writing which we use on Fridays to complete our rough drafts.  Then Monday in class students have the chance to peer edit their drafts and I edit them that night.  This gives students at least one or two days to look through the edits and ask any questions they have on corrections before handing in a final copy on Thursday.  Please let me know if you would like to see a copy of the scoring rubric for writing.  

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