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November Blog 5th Grade

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Happy November Families!

          We are nearing the end of our first trimester with lots of fun and learning to look forward to as we sail straight into November!  In October we took our field trip to the History Museum and Jordan House, finished up several writing assignments, and learned all about the different vocations in the Catholic Church!  November brings with it our benchmarking, report cards, and so much more. 

In Reading

          We have started Unit 2 Lesson 8 and are focusing on cause and effect as we read about the Everglades and other ecosystems.  Lesson 8 will have a Vocab and Spelling test on November 4th so pleas remind our student to review their words nightly.  Students have a copy of spelling in their Readers Notebook and their Vocab in their Reading Notebook.  Words were also included in the weekly email home. 

          Benchmarking for 5th grade will happen on Monday, November 3RD.  Please ensure your child has a good night’s sleep and eats breakfast that morning. 

In Math

          In Math we have just finished up Lesson 30 and taken Test 5!  We are now moving into Lesson 31-35 which will look at angles and shapes!  Our next test will be toward the end of the first week of November. 

In Language

          In writing we focused on non-fiction writing during October.  Students completed a procedure paragraph, a compare and contrast paragraph, and have just started their cause and effect paragraph.  The cause and effect paragraph final draft will be due the first Thursday of November.  Some students have asked to type their final drafts.  This is not required, but students are welcome to type it if they choose to. 

In Religion

          In religion, 3rd and 5th grade are just wrapping up our unit on Vocations.  While many of the vocations will be covered in more detail during our sacraments unit later this year, it is a great time to get students thinking about all of the vocations people choose in our Catholic faith and how each vocation plays an essential role in the church!

          Our 4th graders have been hard at work on their saint projects all October!  They have already turned in a paper on their saint and are practicing for their All Saints’ Day Prayer Service!  The Prayer Service will take place at 2pm on November 3RD.  Parents and families are welcome to come and join us. 



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