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Springing into 3rd Trimester

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February has just flown by. It was wonderful to meet with many of you at conferences. I think it helped set a great tone for our goals in this last part of the year! In 5th grade math we have been working several key skills. Our most recent math sections have discussed probability, adding and subtracting fractions, measurement conversions, working with decimals, and continued practice with long division and multiple digit multiplication. I strongly encourage students to practice their math facts for multiplication and division at home regularly. We work on these in class daily, but fact fluency makes all of the concepts we are working much easier. The more practice students can get the better! In Reading students have enjoyed finishing our unit on historical fiction texts focused mainly on the American Revolution, reading some Science Fiction passages, and most recently Biographies and Autobiographies. These stories have allowed us to continue practicing our ability to identify theme, main idea, and fact and opinion. Most recently we have been working on identifying Author’s Purpose with the story Darnell Rock Reporting. Our most recent vocabulary skill is using Greek and Latin roots to help determine the meaning of words. In Language 5th grade recently wrapped up our opinion writing unit. Grades for the final Opinion Essay will be posted on Power School and you can expect to see the graded assignment coming home in the Red Folder in the first 2 weeks of March. Our newest writing project is creating a Character Description. In this writing project students will write 1-2 paragraphs on someone’s character and support it with evidence from their words and actions. We will be focusing on continuing to use transition words, using strong descriptive words, as well as using dialogue among other skills. In Religion all grades have just completed their Paschal Mystery projects. 3rd graders created a Stations of the Cross book. 4th grade created a poster or other approved project showing the parts of the Paschal Mystery, how the Paschal Mystery made life everlasting possible and used Bible verses from the New Testament to show the parts of the Paschal Mystery as well. 5th grade’s project was to create a book to teach a younger student about either the Corporal or Spiritual Works of Mercy. All of these projects have given us a greater appreciation for what the season of Lent is about and how we can best serve others in our daily lives. Our next topic in Religion will be the teaching authority of the Church. If you have any questions or concerns please let me know! Events to look forward to in March: March 3: Free Dress Down Day March 5: County Fair March 11: No School for Professional Development March 14-18: No School for Spring Break March 21: Return to Classes March 22: Spirit Day March 24: Living Last Supper March 25: Lenten Retreat and Living Stations March 28: No School (Easter Monday) March 31: Missions Dress Down Day
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