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Happy April

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I hope everyone enjoyed our breaks as well as the Easter celebration. Students did such a wonderful job with our Lenten lessons in Religion class and had great insights and questions about the events surrounding Jesus’ suffer death, and resurrection. We are now entering the part of the year where the weather is getting nicer and everyone starts to get a little bit of “Spring Fever”. It is still extremely important that students stay focused and up to date on their assignments though. We have a lot of great and important concepts that we will be covering in the coming weeks! In Math, we have been doing a lot of work with fractions including multiplying fractions, adding and subtracting fractions, and creating equivalent fractions. These will continue to be important skills for us in the reminder of the year as well as in 6th grade math. Students have also begun working on quickly turning improper fractions into mixed numbers. Students who are not proficient in their fact recall need to be practicing math facts nightly to help them with fraction work. In Reading, we are finishing up our final unit in Journey’s and preparing to start our novel study which will take us through the end of the year. Students will be reading a variety of books based on their reading levels, but all books will allow us to focus on common comprehension skills and have similar themes. Students are looking forward to beginning this portion of the year. We will still have weekly vocab quizzes and spelling tests as well as biweekly comprehension and grammar tests, but the format of our reading class will be a bit different. In Writing, we have been working on journal entries, autobiographies, and responses to literature. In the coming weeks we will be focusing on responding to specific essay prompts and revisiting research papers. Revisiting research papers will allow students to continue to work on their abilities to locate and cite information as well as other key writing skills that will set them up for success in middle school writing next year. In Religion, all classes have been learning about the leadership of our church. We will also take a look at Pentecost during the month of April in preparation for its celebration. Also, 5th grade students will take the ACRE test, which assesses their understanding of key information in the Catholic faith, in April. Please continue to have conversations with your child about their faith. It is always so exciting when they can share a new insight they had at home with our class and helps instill a deeper love of their faith. We have several events to look forward to in April. These include: April 7- Free Dress Down April 8 and 9- Middle School Play April 11- Field Trip to “Live Wire” April 15- No School April 21- Dress Down for Missions April 29- Dress Down for Spirit Day Thank you for all that you do to help support your student. I’m looking forward to a wonderful end of the year. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.
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