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Count Down to Summer

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Happy May! Many of the students are already eagerly counting down the days to summer and middle school. They have all been working very hard, and I look forward to watching them continue to grow in these last few weeks of 5th grade. These last few weeks are packed with a lot of very exciting activities as well as (of course) important learning opportunities. Please encourage your student to stay up to date on their work and keep focused! We’re not done quite yet. In Math, we have some new concepts we will be covering in the last few weeks that we have been working up to during the month of April. This last month is when we really start perfecting our work with fractions and decimals. We will also be covering using formulas in math, specifically the formula for Volume. Students will continue to have nightly math homework. All of these skills are an essential foundation for success in 6th grade math. We will also be taking our Saxon Benchmarking test in early May. In Reading, all students are assigned to one of the following novels: Hatchet, A View from Saturday, Pictures of Hollis Woods, and Connect the Stars. Students were assigned a novel based upon several components, notably reading level and interest level in the content of the text. Students will have nightly assignments to go along with their novel, but in most cases will be given in class work time for them. My goal is to keep the homework level down as the weather gets nicer, but some work outside of class will be needed. Students will be benchmarking in Reading in the second to last week of school! In Religion, we will be covering a few final chapters as well as taking a closer look at the liturgical calendar. Fourth graders will be finishing our study on the categorization of the 10 commandments. We will then take a look at the sacraments before finishing with a project where they will be making their own liturgical calendar instead of having a test over the content. 3rd graders will be finishing up our study of the teaching authority of the Church and our calling as Christians before going into a study of the categories of the sacraments. They will finish up the year with a sacraments project. 5th grade will also be preparing for the May Crowing and taking their Apostle’s Creed test. Having the creed memorized is a Diocesan standard for 5th grade. We will also be studying the sacraments to draw our year to a close in 5th grade. In Writing, we have a few final projects left. Students are just wrapping up their research projects, and it has been so wonderful to see their growth since our last research paper! They will be finishing the year with a final narrative piece and a friendly letter that will be given to next year’s 5th graders! Finally, we have so many fantastic events to look forward to in May. 5th grade has the May Crowning Prayer Service, Track and Field Day, 3 more field trips, and the school wide talent show! Please be on the lookout for permission forms for our trips to the Waterworks Festival, Love that Dog, and San Jose Taiko in the very near future. The forms for the Waterworks Festival and San Jose Taiko will be coming home the same day and will both be due May 10th. I will also be sending Dojo reminders about these. Thank you for all you do to support your student! Let’s have a wonderful wrap up to the year! As always, please let me know if you have any questions or concerns at any time!
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