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Happy Summer!

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Wow! We have reached the end of our time in 5th grade. Looking back at this year I am reminded of what a veteran teacher once told me: The most exciting and saddening day of the year is the very last day of school. This could not be more true for both teachers and students alike. I am so incredibly proud of how much each 5th grader has grown. Each one has had their own personal victory and many have had more than I can count. The kiddos have all improved their comprehension skills, challenged themselve with fractions and decimals, explored research papers, and so much more! All of these skills will help them succeed in 6th grade. As we move in to summer I want to encourage you to have your child read, write, and do math (mixed in with lots and lots of play of course)! Taking even 15-30 minutes a day to work on some of the skills we have learned this year will help keep them sharp and walk in the door ready to go in August. Some ways to practice reading include having your child read outloud, asking them questions about what they are reading, and encouraging them to write down their responses in complete sentences. To work on math students can play math fact games, do flashcards, and work on problems with fractions. My website has links to sites that allow children to do many of these things online and have their answers checked. The site address is To work on writing, children can keep a journal, write a review on your vacation, write directions for making something (ie. make a recipe card for a dinner they want to make for your family). Finally, as I close my final blog post of the year, I want to take the opportunity to thank you for allowing me to get to know and work with your children this school year. It has been such a blessing to listen to their stories, help them explore their questions, and help them have those light bulb moments. They are truly a wonderful group of children. I wish everyone the very best of summers! I can't wait to see all of your kiddos in the middle school wing this August!
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