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Welcome Back

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Welcome back to school! We have had a wonderful first few days of 5th grade and are looking forward to a fantastic rest of the year. We have already jumped right in to content and are excited to share what we are learning with you! For those who did not make it to parent night, please take a look at the parent guidebook on my website While you are there feel free to look at some of the different pages and resources I have posted. Students have already been introduced to the math resource links. There are some fun games to practice facts and skills as well as sites that help students work on skills they are struggling with. Also please try to log in to thinkcentral at home and let me know if you need your password and username sent to you. ThinkCentral is a wonderful way for students to work on their reading at home. In math class we have already finished our first 5 lessons. Students have worked on sequencing, identifying even and odd, and naming numbers. I encourage students struggling with the review concepts we are working on right now to come see me for help before school, after school, or during seminar so we can give them a solid foundation for new concepts later this year. In Reading, students have loved reading our novel Sideways Stories from Wayside School. We have been using it as a means to practice many of our comprehension skills such as characterization and visualization as well as discussing irony. We will start off Journey’s lessons the Thursday after Labor Day with “A Package for Mrs. Jewls” which is an excerpt from the sequel to our current novel. In Writing, we have been spending a lot of time learning about Google Docs as well as the writing process and characteristics. The students have been doing a wonderful job with this introductory unit, and I can’t wait to see what they accomplish as we move into our narrative writing unit. Religion is starting off with a chapter on Creation. Students have been talking about what our role in creation is and what it means to be a steward. We do mini activities to go along with our chapter daily and will be adding in some bigger activities as we get going as well. It has been a blessing to see their insights on our faith in our discussions so far. Finally, in Social Studies all of our classes have started our introductory chapters. Fifth grade is busy working on Early civilizations, specifically Native Americans. This will launch us into our yearlong study of American History. We will of course be taking some breaks to talk about Biz Town and Iowa history as well. Fourth grade Social Studies has started the year learning about Geography. We have been busy learning about and discussing features of our region. This leads us into our focus for the year which will be regions of the United States and will end with a short unit on our world as a whole. Some things to look forward to this month are: Free Dress Down Day- Sept. 1 No School- September 5th Anti-Bullying Assembly- September 7th Mag Booklet Assembly- Sept. 13th Back to School Picnic- Sept. 13th at 6:30 pm Dress Down for Missions ($1)- Sept. 15th Noon Dismissal- Sept 21st Living Rosary by 3rd Grade- Sept. 27th Spirit Day ($1)- Sept. 29th Thank you for all you have done to make our start of the year so fantastic! Please feel free to contact me if you ever have any questions, comments, or concerns!
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