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Falling into 5th Grade

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Happy fall everyone! Can you believe that we’ve already reached October? We have been working very hard the past month in 5th grade and have so many exciting things to look forward to this month. In Math, we have been working on different types of word problems and how to solve them as well as place value and different properties such as the communitive and identity properties. Students have also begun moving from addition and subtraction on their power-ups to multiplication and division. If they have not already mastered these facts (so that they can complete the entire power-up of 40 questions in under a minute) they need to be practicing fact nightly. Having quick recall on their facts will make skills later this year much easier for them. In Reading, we are on to our 4th lesson. Students have been working on theme, comparing and contrasting, suffixes, and multiple grammar skills. Please remind your student to review for their tests which are given every Wednesday. Students have a review page that we go over on Tuesdays and there are also vocabulary quizlets they can use linked to our google classroom page. In writing, we are finishing up our Narrative writing unit. Students have focused on using descriptive words to show and not tell, writing dialogue, and making sure the story is well organized. Students will submit their final draft of the one page typed narrative story on October 12th. Our 5th grade Social Studies class has been focusing on early European explorers. We have talked about who the early explorers were, where they were from, and why they traveled. We will have a test on October 11th and will then be moving into a unit on the Colonies. Our 4th grade Social Studies class is focusing on the Eastern region of the United States. We have been talking about the resources, history, and people of the Eastern Region. Students are also beginning to prepare for a quiz over the Eastern state locations, abbreviations, and capitals. In Religion, we have been focusing on the Beatitudes. Students have been looking at role models of the Beatitudes as well as talking about ways that we can live out the Beatitudes in our daily lives. Some other fun events to look forward to: October 4- Picture Day October 5- 5th grade has mass October 6- Dress Down (free) October 7- Track and Fun Day October 10, 11, 13- Conferences (please sign up for a time online) October 13, 14, 17- No School October 21- Spirit Day ($1) October 24-28- ITBS Week October 27- Dress Down for Missions ($1) October 31- Class Halloween party from 2-3pm
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