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Welcome Back!

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Welcome back!  Can you believe we’ve already made it through a week of school?  We’ve gotten through quite a bit already, and 4th and 5th grade have already had their first Religion tests of the year. 


            In Math we’ve finished our first 5 lessons.  We’ve been working on odd and even numbers, adding whole numbers, different additive properties, and a variety of other skills.  The first few days, students had time to work on homework, but they’ve realized quickly the extra time to work on the assignment is getting shorter.  Within the next week or so you should anticipate your student having math homework on a nightly basis. 


            In reading we have been doing book clubs.  Students are reading one of three different books and practicing writing summaries and making inferences about what they are reading.  Starting the first week of September we will begin using Journeys, and you can anticipate homework in reading on a regular basis. 


            In writing we have been working on a variety of skills.  We have spent time focusing on proof reading skills, commonly confused words, and parts of speech.  We have also made our own acrostic poems using our names.  Starting the first week of September we will be beginning our first Journeys writing projects as well as spelling! 


            In Religion 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade have been talking about prayer as well as God’s plan for us.  All students, except 3rd graders, have taken their first test as well.  Students in 3rd grade can anticipate their first test being early the first week of September.  Next stop in Religion this year is parts of the Liturgy!


            We’re off to a wonderful start for the year, and I am looking forward to a fantastic rest of the year!  If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me.


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