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Week of October 17th

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Dear Parents/Guardians –


                The past few weeks have definitely been out of routine for the kiddos!  We had our field trips the week of October 6th and then conferences and pictures the week of October 13th.  Hopefully we can get back on track this week J    


                As we prepared for our field trip to Center Grove Orchard we spent a couple of days discussing apples and pumpkins.  The kiddos really enjoyed telling me how much they love apples and the many ways that they eat apples: sliced, applesauce, apple pie, apple crisp, and even apple muffins!  The class also participated in making homemade applesauce with me after the field trip.  I explained how we peel the skin off the apples and then cut them up into chunks to prepare for cooking.  Each student was able to add apples, cinnamon, water, or sugar to the crock pot.  We all enjoyed smelling the applesauce as it cooked on Monday, but the best part was actually tasting the applesauce on Tuesday!  (Areas focused on: interacts with peers, forms relationships with adults, follows directions, attends & engages, shows curiosity & motivation, makes connections, compares & measures).     


                We also focused on the story, The Three Little Pigs.  Our class read several different editions of the story.  We discussed similarities and differences in the stories and which ones we enjoyed the most.  The class participated in retelling the story with me out loud by role playing as the big bad wolf and the little pigs.  They loved doing the part where the wolf huffed and puffed.  They also got a kick out of my piggy voice when I would read the part that said, “Not by the hair on my chinny chin chin!”  In our art center we had a couple of activities that also went along with this theme.  The kiddos were able to make a house out of straw, sticks, or bricks.  This allowed them to see and feel different textures.  They also colored a picture to go with the story.  These stories and activities helped the kiddos prepare and make connections with the three little pig houses at Center Grove.  The two tours were a little different so one day the class was able to role play in the houses while the tour guide pretended to be the big bad wolf.  (Areas focused on: interacts with peers, forms relationships with adults, follows directions, attends & engages, makes connections, uses & appreciates books, uses print concepts, interacts during read-alouds, retells stories, engages in sociodramatic play).  


                Another fun art activity that we completed the past few weeks was painting with shaving cream.  I will be displaying some fall leaves that the kiddos painted in our classroom for about a month or so and then will send them home J  This was definitely one of their favorite art activities of the year so far!        


                We continue to work on the alphabet and recognizing the letter names.  More of them are able to recognize the first letter of their names but we need to continue to build that recognition of the other letters as well.  Please continue to practice at home using flashcards, letters in books or on signs, or other print in your home.  The letters in their names are the first ones they begin to recognize because they see these most.  We have their names on cubbies, nameplates, the backs of the chairs, on our birthday chart, etc. 


I know some of you get frustrated with the constant reminders that I send out but I’m still seeing some of these issues on a daily basis so that’s why I send them out.  Remember to dress your child appropriately for the weather, (sweatshirt, coat, pants versus shorts, etc.) as we do go outside when possible.  The weather is getting cooler and some days are unpredictable so it may be warm in the morning but cold in the afternoon.  I have been trying to get the kiddos in the gym on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday so they are able to use the balls, scooters, and other large motor items.  Some of those days I do take them outside because the weather is nice enough and I don’t know how much longer we will have that option.  If you send a coat, please be sure to write your child’s name inside coats and sweatshirts as another student in the class may have the same one.  Another reminder is that I really need every student to bring a folder and backpack each day.  I have seen some students show up without these items frequently.  I send important notes home and this is one of the safest ways for me to guarantee that you get those.  The kiddos also work hard on the papers in art or at the writing center and want to bring these home to share.  Papers have been lost or forgotten without folders and backpacks.  Please make sure you are checking your child’s folder and backpack each day as well.  There is a teacher blog that is on our website that I update with important information, days off, and other classroom information.  You may want to check this from time to time.  If you are having troubles or just aren’t receiving emails from me please let me know this as well.  I have found a few errors in the email addresses that I currently have.  I do the best I can when I input email addresses into our system but I do make errors and sometimes I have a hard time reading the handwriting on the forms. 


One final note I would like to bring up is the Halloween party.  It has been brought to my attention that I have an error on the snack calendar for this month.  For some reason I decided to completely skip October 21st.  I have printed new calendars for everyone to include that day, sorry.  I have also made a correction on the Halloween parties for the 4-year olds.  The parties are still going to be held on October 31st, however this is on a Friday and not a Thursday. Please let me know if you have any questions.  


                Important Dates:


  • October 20th: No School – Professional development for teachers

  • October 29th: 3-year old Halloween party

  • October 31st: 4-year old Halloween parties   

  •  November 6th : 4-year old field trip to Civic Center (more details to follow)


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