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Week of October 31st

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Dear Parents/Guardians –


                We have been talking about all the changes we are seeing in our Fall season recently.  The leaves are really beginning to change colors and are falling off the trees.  We are also talking about how much the temperatures change from morning to afternoon.  We have decided that the mornings are very cool and the afternoons have been sunny and warm this week.  The afternoon class likes to see the weather wheel change from cloudy to sunny or windy to sunny by the time they come in.   The past few weeks the class has been enjoying several Halloween activities during centers time.   Halloween bats, cats, spiders, letter and number beads, pumpkins, and more.  The water was even colored to go with our holiday theme J (Areas focused on: interacts with peers, forms relationships with adults, attends & engages, shows curiosity & motivation, makes connections).     


                Our literacy has focused on a  Halloween theme.  Some of the books we read this past week were:  The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything,  Inside a House That Is Haunted, Plumply, Dumply Pumpkin, Bat Jamboree, The Bumpy Little Pumpkin, and Scaredy-Cat, SPLAT!   The kiddos had fun helping me read some of these stories because they were able to join in with the repetitions.   There was also a literacy activity that involved matching pumpkins with uppercase letters to a chart on the table.  The students are beginning to put sounds with the letters now.  Many of them are also beginning to read some sight words.  Our message of the day has taught many of them to read “we, are, & going”.  They are really enjoying the fact that they can read some simple words.  (Areas focused on: interacts with peers, forms relationships with adults, follows directions, attends & engages, makes connections, uses & appreciates books, uses print concepts, interacts during read-alouds, retells stories, engages in sociodramatic play).          


                For art this week the kiddos worked very hard on building their fine motor skills.  They were challenged to cut out the parts of a bat (the head, wings, eyes, and fangs) and assemble it.  I can tell that most of them have been practicing those cutting skills….Yay!  Remember to encourage those kiddos who are still learning how to cut that they can take small snips to begin with.  Some of them had to rest their fingers and hands for a few minutes during this project, but they didn’t give up. They also worked on using paint dabbers to fill in a pumpkin, its stem, and leaves.  I also had a pre-printed Halloween picture that they could color with markers.   (Areas focused on: fine motor skills, attends and engages, follows directions)


                In the math centers we matched numbers on pumpkins to those on a chart, completed patterns using bats/ghosts/cats, and counted candy corns by matching them on number cards.  We finished off by graphing some Macaroni and Cheese noodles on Friday before our parties!  (Areas focused on: one to one correspondence, counting, patterns, attends and engages, graphing, interacts with peers, problem solving).


                At the science table they were able to investigate gourds and mini pumpkins by using magnifying glasses.  This allowed the kiddos to see patterns, experience different textures and shapes, as well as the weights of each one.  There were several different science bottles that contains Halloween objects such as cats, bats, beads, colored water, rats, sparkles, etc.  The students were able to shake the bottles and move them around to see all of the objects or to find letters in their names.    


Remember to dress your child appropriately for the weather, (sweatshirt, coat, pants versus shorts, etc.) as we do go outside when possible.  The weather is getting cooler and some days are unpredictable so it may be warm in the morning but cold in the afternoon or vice versa.  I have been trying to get the kiddos in the gym on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday so they are able to use the balls, scooters, and other large motor items.  Some of those days I do take them outside because the weather is nice enough and I don’t know how much longer we will have that option.  If you send a coat, please be sure to write your child’s name inside coats and sweatshirts as another student in the class may have the same one. 


I have put a tray by the sign in sheet for papers or forms that need to be returned to me.  You may place any papers that need to be returned to me in this tray when you arrive at school.  Please make sure you are signing your child in and out daily.  On Tuesday and Friday you will need to mark your child’s milk choice when you sign them in as well.  If you are not the person dropping off or picking up for the day please make sure you ask the person responsible for doing this to sign in/out and mark the milk selection for that student. 


Another reminder is that I really need every student to bring a folder and backpack each day.  I have seen some students show up without these items frequently.  I send important notes home and this is one of the safest ways for me to guarantee that you get those.  I have received several emails and phone calls regarding missed information.  Please check folders daily for notes, the teacher blog is updated every month (sometimes bi-weekly), the snack calendar shows important dates, emails are sent out frequently, and notes are posted on the parent board which hangs on the door.  The kiddos also work hard on the papers in art or at the writing center and want to bring these home to share.  If you are having troubles or just aren’t receiving emails from me please let me know this as well.  I have found a few errors in the email addresses that I currently have, but corrected those when they were brought to my attention.  I do the best I can when I input email addresses into our system but I do make errors and sometimes I have a hard time reading the handwriting on the forms.    


                Important Dates:


  • November 6th: 4-year old field trip to Civic Center (Stella, Queen of the Snow)

  • November 13th: Picture Retakes

  • November 14th: No School – Professional Development

  • November 27th & 28th: No School – Thanksgiving holiday                  


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