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Week of November 17th

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Week of November 17-21, 2014




At School


Our theme this week has focused on the five senses and Thanksgiving.  We discussed each of the five senses and how we use them.  We also discussed how we use those senses in many different ways each day and sometimes don’t realize how often we are using them.  We read some fun books about the five senses and also a classroom favorite titled, There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Pie. 


                Some of the activities we did in math were counting turkey feathers by clipping the appropriate number of clothes pins on a turkey based on the number shown on the belly.  The students used a dye to roll a number and then place that many pony beads on a turkey feather, which was made of pipe cleaners.  They were also able to make patterns with plastic turkeys which were red, yellow, and orange.   (Objective met: Sorting, Patterns, Counting, Connects numerals with their quantities, classification)


                The dramatic play area was set up so students were able to dress up as moms and dads using dresses, suits, etc.  They could cook Thanksgiving dinner and serve it to guests in their home.  (Objective met: Manages feelings, responds to emotional cues, interacts with peers, makes friends, solve social problems, balances needs/rights of self and others, engages in conversation, sociodramatic play)


                We continue to practice fine motor skills by holding our writing and cutting utensil correctly (pen, pencil, crayons, markers, scissors, etc.).   Students cut pages to complete a book at the writing center, and added numerals to show how many turkeys there were on the page.  Please help your child at home learn to pinch it toward the bottom, not palming it or grabbing it incorrectly.  We do graphic practice daily in our classroom and I can see positive improvement from this, please ask your child about it daily.  See if they can show you what we practiced that day.  They also had the opportunity to use scissors for cutting pages to make a book this week.  Most of the students are getting comfortable with using scissors and making those small snips.  Please make sure you talk with your students at home about what is appropriate to cut with scissors.  We have discussions at school that it’s okay to cut paper or yarn but we should never cut hair, clothes, or furniture.  (Objective met: Uses fingers and hands, uses drawing and writing tools, identifies numerals, uses print concepts, and demonstrates emergent writing skills)        


                In our art center students were able to make a police officer hat.  Students were able to get some practice cutting here as well.  They colored the hat first and then had to cut it out.  We attached a strip of construction paper to make a band so each child’s hat would fit their head.   (Objective met: Uses drawing and writing tools, uses fingers and hands) 


                Science focused on classifying items according to our five senses.  The students had to match items on cards to each of the five senses.  Some of them worked in groups of two and held discussions about certain pictures being able to go under different categories.  One example was a picture of a bird.  One students put it under the eyes because she said you could see the bird, however another student thought that it should go under the ears because you can hear the bird.  It was fun to hear their reasoning and how they worked it out J  (Objective met: classification,  uses scientific inquiry skills, sorting)


We worked on the letter Hh this week.  The students work on writing these letters during small group and at the writing center.  We discuss the strokes (H – big line down, another big line down, and a little line across) as well as the sound.  Please review these at home with your child as much as possible so they get extra practice.


                Please see the website for guidelines regarding our recess policies, we do go outside unless the temperature is zero or below.  I have been using the gym on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday as the big kids do not have PE those days.  On Thursday and Friday we will go outside or play inside the classroom when weather does not permit outdoor play.  When we go outside with snow the students must have snow pants, boots, and gloves in order to play in the snow.  If they are missing any of these items they will not be able to run around in the snow.  We are working on helping the students learn to zip by themselves.  Please encourage this at home as well.  I know that sometimes it seems easier to just do it yourself but in the long run it will save you time and help your child learn self-help skills if you encourage them to practice zipping on their own.  I always have them try to zip by themselves first, then if they can’t I will start the zipper for them and encourage them to finish zipping it up the rest of the way.  Be sure to write your child’s name inside coats and sweatshirts as another student in the class may have the same one. 


Again, please check your child’s backpack and folder daily.  I continue to see some students with notes and items in their folders from weeks ago.  I am also having some students come to class without a folder or backpack.  Please send both of these everyday as we have notes and other papers that need to be sent home daily and it makes it much easier for the students to have something to put them in.  Thank you in advance.       


                Important Dates:


  • November 27th: No School (Thanksgiving break)

  • November 28th: No School (Thanksgiving break)

  • December 1st: No school (Professional Dev. for teachers)

  • December 14th: Book fair (More details to follow)

  • December 17th: 3-yr old Christmas party

  • December 19th: Christmas parties for 4-yr olds

  • December 22nd – January 4th: Christmas break

  • January 5th: School resumes        


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