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Week of Sept. 17th

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Dear Parents/Guardians – Preschool is doing a great job of learning rules and what is expected of them here at school. Please continue to help them work on using kind words, taking turns, raising their hands, and sharing when you are talking to them at home. A couple of books we read in class together that the kiddos really enjoyed were: The Interrupting Chicken by David Ezra Stein and My Mouth is a Volcano by Julia Cook (these focused on blurting out or talking while others are talking). And the last book was Please Say Please: A Penguin’s Guide to Manners by Margery Cuyler (this focused on using good manners). Practicing these things and discussing them at home as well as at school will help all of us become better students. We have been working on understanding our feelings and what to do with those different feelings. I read a book titled, Lots of Feelings from our Houghton Mifflin series. This book did a great job of explaining the many feelings that we encounter and had detailed pictures showing the expressions that we might see with each one. This led to a great discussion about some of the feelings the kiddos have felt and why they felt that way. I also stressed to each of my classes that it’s okay for us to feel angry or upset, however we need to use our words to express that feeling so the other person(s) know why we are feeling that way. Many of the kiddos answered “no” when they were asked if it is okay to feel angry or upset. Another activity that we did in class was to have each kiddo add facial features to a pre-printed picture of a head showing how they felt on the first day of school. This picture will be in their portfolio and will be shared with parents during conferences in October. (Objective met: Manages own feelings, Responds to emotional cues, balances needs and rights of self and others) We had many opportunities to learn about making friends at school as well. A couple of the books that we read in class together were: Chicken Chickens Go To School and My Friend and I. The first book was about a couple of chickens who did not want to go to school because they didn’t know anyone. Even though they didn’t think they had made any friends, they found that when they needed help going over some water that scared them because they couldn’t swim; there were many friends willing to help them out. The other book was about a little girl who had a new neighbor. The two decided to play together with each other’s’ toys. Until one day the little boy and the little girl got into an argument. A toy had been broken, unkind words had been spoken, and feelings were hurt. Ask your child to see if they remember what happened in the story about the bunny. Did they two friends make up or not? How did the bunny get fixed? (Objective met: Responds to emotional cues, Interacts with peers, Makes friends, Balances needs and rights of self and others, Solves social problems) In math we have been discussing shapes, positional words, counting, sorting and number recognition. We have been using items such as buttons, stringing beads, geometric shapes. They have been sorting by color, shape, and size. Another activity we did this week was creating pictures on a magnetic board using a variety of shapes. We count on a daily basis at calendar time when we discuss what day of the month it is and how many days we have been in school. (Objective met: Sorting, Identifies Shapes, Classification, Counting, Connects numerals with their quantities) In science this past week we worked on using some of our five senses. I took the class on a nature walk one day and we used our eyes, ears, noses, and hands to describe some different things on our walk. The kiddos told me about some sounds they heard like traffic, the wind, leaves, and other things. They saw many colors, shapes, and other fun things as well. Our smell was mainly used for some roses that are in front of the church. And our touch was used for a couple of pine cones and some branches off an Evergreen tree. (Objectives met: Scientific inquiry skills, Five senses) We continue to work on self-help skills daily in our classroom. One thing I could use some help with from you is for you to talk to your child about remembering to flush the toilet after they use it. We are giving daily reminders to all of the students but if you could please talk to them at home and remind them as well it would be greatly appreciated. None of us like to have a surprise in the toilet when we use the bathroom. Another thing you could help discuss with them is how important it is to use soap and water when we wash, not just water. I have also taught them to sneeze and cough into the part of their arm that bends at the elbow. This helps catch all of the germs or spray that comes out of their mouths. We have had several students sneeze and not cover their mouth, which has led to other students feeling that sneeze on their arms, back, or face. Any help or practice that you can provide at home is greatly appreciated. Important Dates:  October 1st: Field trip for AM class only, no school for PM class this day  October 2nd: Field trip for PM class only, no school for AM class this day  October 5th : Parent teacher conferences 4-7 pm  October 6th: Parent teacher conferences 4-7 pm  October 7th : Field trip for 3 year-olds  October 8th: Parent teacher conferences 1-8 pm (No School)  October 9th: No School  October 13th: School pictures  October 19th: No School  October 28th: Halloween party (3 yr-old class)  October 30th: Halloween party (AM and PM classes)
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