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Week of November 12th

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Mrs. Barnes’ Class Preschool News November 12th -17th At School It has been a busy week in the preschool classroom! Our friends from the Lion’s Club came in to visit on Tuesday and completed the eye exams on any student who sent the permission slip back to school. The kiddos did a great job and all students received a sticker that day, even if they didn’t have a picture of their eyes taken. We have been working hard on our letter U this week and will begin working on the letter C next. All of the kiddos have been working very hard on their cutting skills and practicing writing their names. Ms. Sue has also been visiting our classroom a couple of times a week in order to get acquainted with all of the kiddos. I will be out of the classroom on Monday and Tuesday next week and she will be filling in for me those days with Ms. Lisa. Some of the activities we did in math this past week were counting to 10 (both ascending and descending), a couple of patterning activities including mats and fall objects, some simple addition using colored rocks, sorting by colors, shape building with different objects. (Objective met: Sorting, Patterns, Counting, Connects numerals with their quantities, classification, geometric shapes) The dramatic play area was set up as a restaurant. Students took turns being the cook, waiter/waitress, and customers. There is a menu board that allows them to change the foods being served and the prices they charge. They also have a dry erase bill of sell that they can write on and hand to the customers when they are done eating. The kiddos have really enjoyed the restaurant so I may leave this for the last few days before Thanksgiving break. (Objective met: Manages feelings, responds to emotional cues, interacts with peers, makes friends, solve social problems, balances needs/rights of self and others, engages in conversation, sociodramatic play, take turns) We continue to work on those fine motor skills through our daily graphic practice and cutting activities. I have already seen some improvements in the short time we have been in school. The kiddos are being asked to write their names more frequently at school and I would encourage parents to do the same at home. You do not have to spend hours working on writing and cutting but it is helpful if you could spend 10-15 minutes two or three times a week with your child working on these skills. (Objective met: Uses fingers and hands, uses drawing and writing tools, letter identification, and demonstrates emergent writing skills) Science focused on the five senses this week. The kiddos have been doing a great job of being able to identify what our five senses are and which parts of our bodies we use for each sense. There was an activity that allowed them to sort and classify pictures of objects by sense. The tricky part was that some of the objects could be classified under more than one sense. I also brought in some different types of rocks for the students to observe with a magnifying glass. They were able to touch them and feel the different textures as well. (Objective met: classification, uses scientific inquiry skills, sorting) We enjoyed some stories from our Houghton Mifflin Series. Red is for Dragon, The Listening Walk. Our letters of the week have been the letter I and U. We spend time working on recognition of the letter, writing the letter, and the sound for each letter. Ask your child to show you some of the signs that we use at school for our letters and what sounds they make. We are currently looking at the letter C this week. I have also been stressing how important it is to learn these things because words are made up of letters and sounds. We practice these things when we discuss our days of the week, months of the year, and in our message of the day. (Objective met: Demonstrates knowledge of the alphabet, demonstrates knowledge of print and its uses, comprehends and responds to books and other texts) We continue to play outside when we have the opportunity. Our playground is being worked on so it has been difficult to play in our fenced in area, but we have found other ways to get fresh air. Sometimes we use sidewalk chalk or go for walks, and other times we are able to use the gym to run off some of our energy. We found that a few of the pieces to our playground were missing so they have been ordered and should arrive shortly so our playground is able to be completed soon! Please remember to dress your child appropriately for the weather. I am seeing many kiddos coming to school without a coat. The weather continues to cool off and will only get colder, so it’s important to keep in mind that colds and the flu are creeping around the corner. It takes a team effort to keep our classroom healthy and the kiddos well. I am also going to ask you to work with your child on learning to put their own coats, hats, mittens, and boots on, as well as learning to zip. With up to 20 kiddos at one time it sometimes takes us 15 minutes to get everyone bundled up for outdoor play. That only leaves us about 5 minutes for playtime. I know that sometimes it seems easier to just do it yourself but in the long run it will save you time and help your child learn self-help skills if you encourage them to practice these skills on their own. I always have them try to zip by themselves first, then if they can’t I will start the zipper for them and encourage them to finish zipping it up the rest of the way. Be sure to write your child’s name inside coats and sweatshirts as another student in the class may have the same one. You will also want to change out the extra set of clothing in their backpacks. Some kiddos still have summer clothes instead of fall/winter clothes. Again, please check your child’s backpack and folder daily. I continue to see some students with notes and items in their folders from weeks ago. I am also having some students come to class without a folder or backpack. Please send both of these everyday as we have notes and other papers that need to be sent home daily and it makes it much easier for the students to have something to put them in. This is something that they will need to be responsible for in kindergarten as well. Thank you in advance. If your child is going to be gone from school for any reason (illness, vacation, etc.) please call the school at 515-266-3433 and let them know. There have been a few absences lately with no phone calls to let us know that a student is going to be absent. One last thing I need to mention is that we are having some issues with parking. I have been addressed several times by the office in regards to preschool parents parking in the front of the building when dropping students off or picking them up. Father Ross has been blocked from parking in his normal spot or pulling into his garage on a few occasions. Preschool parents are to park in the BACK LOT and walk your student up to the side door. I know that some of you have little ones that you bring in with you, but you need to park in the designated lot instead of pulling in front of the building. Important Dates:  November 23rd : Mrs. Barnes out of classroom (Ms. Sue filling in)  November 24th : Mrs. Barnes out of classroom (Ms. Sue filling in)  November 25th : No School – Thanksgiving break  November 26th : No School – Thanksgiving break  November 27th : No School – Thanksgiving break
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