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November 23rd - 30th

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Mrs. Barnes’ Class Preschool News Week of November 23-30 At School We spent the last few weeks focused on fall and Thanksgiving. Because there were only a couple of days of school last week I kept most of the centers the same for the kiddos. A huge “thank you” to Ms. Sue for stepping in while I was out of the classroom Monday and Tuesday. The class really seemed to enjoy having her in the classroom filling in. Also a big “thanks” to Ms. Lisa for making sure things ran smoothly as well. Some of the activities we did in math were matching colored clothes pin feathers to colors on a turkey, matching the number of feathers to the number on a turkeys belly, simple addition using math cards and apple/pumpkin counters, and writing numbers 1-5 in a Five Little Turkeys book. (Objective met: Sorting, Patterns, Counting, Connects numerals with their quantities) The dramatic play area continued to be set up as a restaurant. The kiddos were really enjoying this set up so I left it for those few days of school before our break. (Objective met: Manages feelings, responds to emotional cues, interacts with peers, makes friends, solve social problems, balances needs/rights of self and others, engages in conversation, sociodramatic play) In our art center students were able to make a turkey headband. The kiddos worked on fine motor skills by coloring and cutting for this project. Once this project was completed, they enjoyed some free drawing and a Thanksgiving sheet that was color by number. (Objective met: Uses drawing and writing tools, uses fingers and hands) Some of the other activities that the kiddos enjoyed were leaf sorting, lacing of squirrel cards, story retells of I Know An Old Lady Who Swallowed a Pie and Five Little Turkeys. They were able to retell the story of an old lady by feeding pictures of the items she swallowed into her mouth; picture of her with her mouth open on a shoe box. The turkey story was a pocket chart retell which allowed them to count down from 5 to 1 using turkey picture cards to go with each line. (Objective met: classification, sorting, story retell, knowledge of print & its uses, comprehends & responds to books and other text) The weather is unpredictable right now so please make sure you dress your child appropriately and always plan for outdoor recess. One item I haven’t mentioned yet is appropriate foot ware. We have already seen some snow and lots of rain lately so I just wanted to ask that if you send your child in snow boots or rain boots, please send a pair of tennis shoes in his/her backpack so they are able to change into them after they come into the classroom. We meet on the carpet for religion and large group first thing in the morning. If they do not bring an extra pair of shoes to change into, the carpet becomes wet. When we sit on that carpet, clothing will become wet and/or muddy as well. The flu season has approached and some of the preschoolers have already been ill with the dreaded virus. Please encourage your child to use good hand washing techniques at home as well as remembering to cover all coughs and sneezes. I have taught them to cover these by coughing and sneezing into the bending portion of their arms. Even if your child has washed their hands before coming to school I would ask that you please allow us to continue our daily routine of washing hands when they enter our classroom. One last note that I would like to share with you is that I will begin celebrating half birthdays for all those kiddos who have summer birthdays. Since they do not have the opportunity to celebrate their actual birthday I would like to allow them to bring in treats and celebrate on their half birthday. I will check in with you about a week or so in advance if your child has a summer birthday to see if you would like to send treats or not. Important Dates:  December 16th : 3-yr old Christmas party  December 18th : 4-yr old Christmas parties  December 21st – January 1st : Christmas break  January 4th : School resumes
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