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January 21-28

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Mrs. Barnes’ Class Preschool News Week of January 21-28, 2016 At School We have just finished up our unit on seasons and I think we could have spent another 2 weeks on it! There were some great questions from the kiddos with this unit and I’m hoping they have a better understanding of the difference between seasons and weather. Some of them are still a little confused on what type of weather to expect during each season. Some of the activities we did in math this week were making patterns and sorting with connecting people, picture card counting of items, recognition of numerals/written number words, tracing of numbers. (Objective met: Sorting, Patterns, Counting, Connects numerals with their quantities, classification, numeral identification) The dramatic play area was still set up as our St. Joe’s Heavenly Cocoa shop. They really enjoyed this so it was set up for a couple of weeks. The kiddos were able to take turns role playing as workers and customers. They would take orders, pretend to make the cocoa and snacks, pay for their bills, order items, and clean the store up at the end of the day. (Objective met: Manages feelings, responds to emotional cues, interacts with peers, makes friends, solve social problems, balances needs/rights of self and others, engages in conversation, sociodramatic play) Our fine motor skills have been put to the test this week. The kiddos have been practicing stringing their own names as well as their peer’s names. Some of them were also stringing the letters of the alphabet in order. I put their cutting skills to work during our small group sessions with a season sorting activity. They had to cut the pictures out and sort them according to the season. We have had plenty of practice zipping those coats and snow pants also. I know I have mentioned this before, but please work with your students at home with self-dress skills. We are lucky to get 5 minutes of play time outside by the time 2 adults help all of the kiddos get everything on and zipped. Most of the time it isn’t that the kiddo doesn’t know how to put their coat on or zip it up, but they are just used to mom doing it for them. I know it is faster to do it yourself sometimes but they aren’t practicing those self-help skills if they aren’t encouraged to try by themselves. Trust me, it really does save time in the end if you take the time now to encourage them and allow them to practice. I am also very proud of my class for the progress they have made with spelling their names. Most of them no longer need a nameplate or any assistance when writing their names. YAY!!! (Objective met: Uses fingers and hands, letter identification) Science focused on classifying items according to our four seasons. The students played seasons bingo, which was a huge hit in our classroom. One person would show the group the pictures while the others played and then they would trade places. I also had an activity set up which required the kiddos to do some sorting. They had to look at a picture and decide which season it went under and then decide if it could also go under another season and tell me why. (Objective met: classification, uses scientific inquiry skills, sorting) I just want to mention that conferences will be coming up in a few weeks. Please watch for an email next week that comes directly from the school regarding sign ups through the parent portal. I am anticipating that my conference schedule will be a little more hectic this time around as my 3-yr old parents are able to sign up this round. If you are able to come earlier in the day I would encourage you to grab one of those times. A huge thank you to all of my parents! I really appreciate you hauling those extra bags around each day so your kiddos are able to participate fully at recess. I know it is a pain to have to haul the extra clothing and boots each day but they truly enjoy playing in the snow on our playground. Again, please check your child’s backpack and folder daily as we are approaching a very busy month and there will be several notes sent home in the next week or so. I have begun checking some of their folders to see if they need replaced due to tears or just plain falling apart. I will replace them as long as I was provided a second folder at the beginning of the year. I continue to see some students with notes and items in their folders from weeks ago. I am also having some students come to class without a folder or backpack. Please send both of these everyday as we have notes and other papers that need to be sent home daily and it makes it much easier for the students to have something to put them in. Thank you in advance. Important Dates:  January 28th: Cheer clinic (this does include pre-k if you signed up)  February 5th: Grandparent day  February 10th: 3-yr old Valentine’s party  February 11th: Preschool parent night 6 pm (for the upcoming year)  February 12th: Valentine’s parties (4 year olds)  February 15th: Parent teacher conferences 4-7 pm  February 16th: Parent teacher conferences 4-7 pm  February 18th: No School (Parent teacher conferences 1-8 pm)  February 19th: No School  February 23rd: 4 year olds field trip to Civic Center (Room on a Broom)
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