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September 27th Newsletter

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Dear Parents/Guardians –

Preschool is doing a great job of learning rules and what is expected of them here at school. Please continue to help them work on using kind words, taking turns, raising their hands, and sharing when you are talking to them at home. Practicing these things and discussing them at home as well as at school will help all of us become better learners.

This week at school we focused on learning shapes and rhymes. We read a book titled, The Great Shape Hunt. This book allowed the students to see another classroom and all of the shapes that were in that classroom. We made comparisons between our classroom and the one in the book to see if we had the same shapes and some of the same items that the classroom in the book had. We covered all of the basic shapes which included the square, circle, oval, triangle, rectangle, star, and heart. We also learned that there are shapes that are 3-D. These shapes look similar to the basic shapes however they have different dimensions which make it look like we can fit things inside the shape if we cut them open. The two 3-D shapes that we focused on this week were the sphere and the rectangular prism. They learned to tell them apart by different characteristics. The sphere is round, has curves, and can roll. The rectangular prism is flat and slides. The students may begin talking about shapes that they see around the house, outside, or ones that they see while driving in the car because I told them shapes are all around us!

We had many opportunities to learn about rhyming words this week as well. We recited a poem that many of them were already familiar with titled, Mary Had a Little Lamb. One thing they learned about this poem that they didn't know before is that there are rhyming words in it such as snow/go, school/rule, and day/play. We read another book here at school titled, The Zany Zoo by William Wise. This book contains several poems about animals that have rhyming words as well. There are many Dr. Seuss books that are wonderful with rhyming words and I would encourage you to continue reading these types of books with your child at home if you have them available or can check them out from your local library.

We continue to work on self-help skills daily in our classroom. One thing I could use some help with from you is for you to talk to your child about remembering to flush the toilet after they use it. We are giving daily reminders to all of the students but if you could please talk to them at home and remind them as well it would be greatly appreciated. None of us like to have a surprise in the toilet when we use the bathroom. Another thing you could help discuss with them is how important it is to use soap and water when we wash, not just water. The cold season has already hit us here in preschool and we are trying to keep as many germs away as possible.

Important Dates:

September 30th: No School
 October 3rd: School Pictures for 3-year olds & 4-year olds (3-year olds will come to the gym at 8 am this day)

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