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Week of September 30th

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Dear Parents/Guardians –


                Preschool continues to work on learning rules and what is expected of them here at school. They are all doing a great job!


                This week at school we focused on learning about families and communities. We read a book titled, Full, Full, Full of Life. This book told a story of a boy whose family has a special tradition. Each week the entire family, including uncles and aunties get together at grandma’s house to have a special meal. Jay Jay spent time helping his grandmother set the table, feed the fish, and watch for family to arrive. They also spent time after all the family left cuddling and hugging each other. Another book the kiddos really seemed to enjoy this week is titled, House. This book helped them see that houses are different in many ways. Some houses are big and some are small. Smaller houses don’t have many rooms or maybe only have one bathroom and larger houses may have many rooms and sometimes more than one bathroom. We compared our own houses to the ones we saw in the book. Some of the students shared that they have a toy room where they play with their toys, while others play with their toys in the living room or bedroom. It seemed that once one student shared some information about their house it really opened up a great discussion about our houses and the differences and similarities.  


                We worked on a project this week that required the students to use scissors. I went over some safety rules with the students and also reminded them that the scissors are only used for cutting paper or for working on projects. I showed them how to correctly hold a pair of scissors and how to make small but steady cuts. This is important for them because most children this age want to start cutting really fast and struggle to make quick steady cuts. If you would like to work on some things at home, this would be a great skill to help your child with. Allowing them to cut at home gives them practice and also helps build those fine motor skills that they will use in kindergarten next fall. I would also like to make sure that I mention keeping your scissors out of their reach unless you are able to supervise at this point. It seems like once a teacher introduces scissors to students there are always hair trimming accidents.    


                We continue to work on the alphabet and recognizing the letter names. Most of them can point to their names or find it printed throughout the classroom, but they struggle recognizing the actual letter name. Practicing at home with flash cards or just pointing out different letters in words and asking them to name them is helpful.  

Remember to dress your child appropriately for the weather, (sweatshirt, coat, pants versus shorts, etc.) as we do go outside most days in preschool. The weather is getting cooler and some days are unpredictable so it may be warm in the morning but cold in the afternoon. Be sure to write your child’s name inside coats and sweatshirts as another student in the class may have the same one.


Some of you have asked about going on the upcoming field trip with us. Please let me know if you would like to go and I will add you to the list. The morning and afternoon classes will attend this field trip together on Tuesday, October 22nd and the 3-year old group will go on Wednesday, October 23rd. I have received questions regarding the hours for drop off and pick these days. The hours that day will be 8:15 a.m. for drop off at school, and 1:30 p.m. for pick up at school for ALL students the day of the field trip. This makes for a longer school day but I wanted to allow for some play time at the apple orchard/pumpkin patch as well as taking a guided tour. Please let me know if you have additional questions.   


                Important Dates:


    Important Dates:

    • October 14th: Conferences (Evening)
    • October 17th: No School (Conferences)
    • October 18th: No School
    • October 22nd: Field trip (4-year olds)
    • October 23rd: Field trip (3-year olds)
    • October 30th: Halloween Party (3-year olds)
    October 31st: Halloween Parties (4-year olds)
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