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Week of November 18th

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Preschool News                                                                                                                         

Week of November 18-22, 2013


At School

 Our theme the past few weeks in preschool has been the four seasons and of course Thanksgiving. We have completed many fun activities that incorporate both of these themes.


           Some of the activities we did in math were Candy Corn Counting, Pumpkin Alphabet/Number Matching, Thanksgiving Pie, Calendar work. The areas that were covered were: counting, one to one correspondence, recognition of numbers, connecting numerals to their quantities, & knowledge of patterns.


           Our science activities involved classification, compare & contrast, and discussions about how our environment changes. We had some science mats that required the students to classify items according to the seasons, a puzzle that required students to match clothing to the seasons, and stories that allowed the students to discuss the changes that occur during our different seasons.


            In our writing center we have been practicing our alphabet. The students have been using Follow Along Letters to trace which will help with letter formation and letter recognition. Many of the students are beginning to write their own names now.


            The dramatic play area was set up like our house. The students were able to make Thanksgiving dinner for their family and friends. The loft was turned into the nursery for them to help care for the babies.


            In our art center we helped students use hand prints to make turkey feathers. I have not sent these pictures home yet as we are still enjoying them on our walls here at school. They will come home next week. Please be sure to ask your child to show you their turkey on the Hand Turkey Wall right inside the doorway. Each student had their hand print traced and was asked to turn it into a turkey. Some of the students are getting very creative with drawings at the easel, making some fun fall pictures.


The letter for this week was “H”. We talked about how the letter has two big lines that go from the top to the bottom and a little line that goes from left to right. When we work on our letter of the week, we learn to recognize the name of the letter, the sound it makes, and how to write the letter. When we discuss our letters at school we use the terms: big line, little line, big curve, and little curve. I would encourage you to use the same language at home with your child if possible. I had a few parents ask me if I would let them know what the upcoming letter will be so that you are able to work on it at home during that week as well. Our next letter will be the letter “I”.    


           There has been so much improvement in the cutting skills in our classroom, it’s amazing! I can see less stress and frustration from the kiddos and more self-confidence and excitement when I bring those scissors out. Thank you for encouraging them and allowing them to practice at home.


Please see the website for guidelines regarding our recess policies, we do go outside unless the temperature is zero or below. When we go outside with snow the students must have snow pants, boots, and gloves in order to play in the snow. If they are missing any of these items they will not be able to run around in the snow, they will have to stay on the bench or where there is no snow. We are working on helping the students learn to zip by themselves. Please encourage this at home as well. I know that sometimes it seems easier to just do it yourself but in the long run it will save you time and help your child learn self-help skills if you encourage them to practice zipping on their own. I always have them try to zip by themselves first, then if they can’t I will start the zipper for them and encourage them to finish zipping it up the rest of the way. Be sure to write your child’s name inside coats and sweatshirts as another student in the class may have the same one.


One last note that I would like to mention to parents is to please check your child’s backpack and folder daily. Some of the students have notes and items in their folders from last week or later. I am also having some students come to class without a folder or backpack. Please send both of these everyday as we have notes and other papers that need to be sent home daily and it makes it much easier for the students to have something to put them in. Thank you in advance.


                Important Dates:


  • November 27th: No School
  • November 28th: No School
  • November 29th: No School
  • December 12th: Preschool Music Program
  • December 18th: Christmas party for 3-yr olds
  • December 19th: Christmas party for 4-yr olds
  • December 20th: Morning session only, no PM class due to early dismissal
  • December 21st – January 1st: No school Christmas Break


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