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February Newsletter

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Mrs. Barnes’ Class

Preschool News                                                                                                 

February 27th, 2014


At School

                The past few weeks in preschool our theme has been Let’s Move. The students are learning about being active and that staying healthy are important. Not only is it important to exercise and keep our bodies in shape, but it’s also important to eat healthy and choose foods that help us grow. Some of the students are trying vegetables and fruits that they have never tried before….and they actually like them! Be sure to ask your child if they tried something new at snack time lately. J Friday was a special treat because I brought in all the fresh fruits that The Very Hungry Caterpillar ate. Most of the students really enjoyed plums!

                In math the students have been working on counting the number of exercises we do. You would think with as much energy as they have those 10 reps would be easy but they were exhausted once they hit 5! They are also learning and practicing writing their numbers. This week we have a caterpillar activity in the writing center that helps the students trace a number on each section of the caterpillar body. Another activity is a file folder game that helps them recognize a number rolled on the dice and then count that many spaces on the game board. Their marker begins as a small caterpillar and continues through the spaces until it becomes a beautiful butterfly. As we read the book, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, we counted the number of foods he ate each day. We continue to build those counting skills daily as we work our way to the 100th day of preschool. One suggestion I have for parents is to have your child count the number of steps it takes to get from the car to your front door for example. You can ask them to predict the number of steps it will take and then have them compare their prediction to the actual number of steps taken. (compares and measures, classification skills, counting, connecting numerals with their quantities, number recognition, one to one correspondence).

One of our science activities included learning about the life cycle of a butterfly. They loved reading about how the caterpillar hatches from a tiny egg on a leaf, grows to become a caterpillar, covers itself with a cocoon, and then turns into a butterfly. We are also discussing our body and how the foods we eat and activities we do help our body. There were some good discussions about muscles and how our blood travels through our bodies.  

The dramatic play area was turned into a concession stand where they could buy healthy snacks and drinks after they were done exercising. The menu was posted so customers could see what was available and how much it cost. The loft was set up as a lounge so they could take their concession items up there and sit down to enjoy them at the table with a friend. (cooperative play, establish positive relationships, interaction with peers, problem solving, balance needs and rights of self and others, use language to express thoughts and needs).

                The first week our sensory table contained multi-colored plastic confetti pieces. The students were able to transfer the confetti from one place to another using a variety of tools. This past week we set the sensory table up to include items that revolved around The Very Hungry Caterpillar. There were two types of grass, different sizes and colors of pom-poms (resembling a caterpillar), pieces of fruit similar to those in the story, plastic play pieces that represented a leaf with an egg, caterpillar, cocoon, and butterfly, plastic eggs so the kiddos could place plastic butterflies in them. (exploration, textures, transfer of items).

                Art this week included making caterpillars from several different materials. We used toilet paper rolls and paint, paint on our fingers, and crayons. The kiddos LOVE when we use paint on our hands or feet! We created a caterpillar book mark using our fingers this time around. They were also able to color a picture with the caterpillar and the foods that he ate as well as drawing a picture of their favorite lunch for the caterpillar to try.              

We had a lacing activity for the students to lace a caterpillar through holes in a leaf. A felt board and a copy of the book allowed students to retell the story. Another activity was feeding the caterpillar using picture cards to retell what the caterpillar ate, and in what order.

I would like to remind parents to please be sure you send appropriate clothing with your child every day. We have experienced several students coming to school without a hat or mittens. I realize that there have been several days that we could not go outside; however there have been a few days recently that we have gone outside and students are depending on me to supply gloves/mittens for them. I would suggest putting everything in their back pack each day so it is available when needed. Please remember that the school policy is that we go outside if the temperature is 0 degrees or higher. If the wind chill falls below 0 degrees we do not go outside.



                Important Dates:

  • March 7th: Field Trip to Civic Center (Going on a Bear Hunt – 4-yr olds only)

  • March 14th-March 23rd: No school (Spring Break)

  • March 24th: School resumes


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