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First days of preschool

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Dear Parents/Guardians –

                Preschool is doing a great job of learning rules and what is expected of them here at school.  Please help them work on using kind words, taking turns, raising their hands & waiting to be called on, and sharing when you are talking to them at home.  Practicing these things and discussing them at home as well as at school will help all of us become better students. 

                We will begin our religion sessions on Monday, September 8th.  I always like to allow the kiddos a few days to get adjusted before we begin our lessons.  Those first days are a time for them to learn that they come in and hang up their backpacks, take their folders out and set them on the shelf of their cubby, and then go in and use the restroom and wash hands.  Once they get into the routine of doing these steps it’s a little bit easier to begin religion as a group.  With math, reading, and mature play we will follow a theme, which will also begin this week. My themes will run kind of odd (Thursday thru Tuesday) in order to allow me time to plan and prep on Wednesday afternoons when I do not have kiddos. 

                A couple of the books we read this week were The Kissing Hand by Audrey Penn.  Some of the kiddos were excited to see this book because they have it at home already J  This is a great story about a little raccoon who is nervous about going to school and leaving his mother.  The mother raccoon gives him a kiss in the palm of his hand and tells him that the kissing hand will give him love from her whenever he is feeling lonely or afraid.  This is where the art project came in this week as well, I hope you all enjoyed it!  Another book that we read was First Day Jitters by Julie Danneberg.  This story was about someone named Sarah who did not want to go to school on the first day because she was starting a new school and she didn’t know anyone.  The story leads you to believe it is a student, but the kiddos found out at the end of the story that it was actually the teacher who was nervous and afraid to start the year at a new school. This was a great way to help the kiddos understand that even teachers/adults get nervous and afraid at times.  I opened up a discussion about what makes me nervous about the beginning of the school year and then allowed them to talk about their first day here at preschool.

                We also jumped right in on teaching those self-help skills daily in our classroom.  One thing I could use some help with from you is for you to talk to your child about remembering to flush the toilet after they use it.  We are giving daily reminders to all of the students but if you could please talk to them at home and remind them as well it would be greatly appreciated.  None of us like to have a surprise in the toilet when we use the bathroom.  Another thing you could help discuss with them is how important it is to use soap and water when we wash, not just water.  The cold season has already hit us here in preschool and we are trying to keep as many germs away as possible.  I had a few students who have already missed a day or two with illness L  I want to say thank you to those parents for calling the office or emailing me with those illnesses.    

                Below is a list of important dates and upcoming events.  Please be sure to watch for the days there is no school.  I have listed the dates for our first field trip out here and will provide more information at a later date.  School pictures will be coming up as well but I have not heard about a date yet.  I will let you know once I have that information.   

                If you ever have questions feel free to contact me here at school by phone (515-266-3433) or email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). 

                Important Dates:

  • September 19th: No School

  • October 9th: Field trip (**AM class only) – more info to come soon

  • October 10th: Field trip (**PM class only) – more info to come soon      


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