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Welcome to another year at St. Joseph School! My name is Carolyn Campbell and I teach Middle School Language Arts, and 7-8 Reading. This is my first year at St. Joseph’s and I am very excited to be here!


Now that my blog is up and working, I will be posting much more frequently. Starting next week, I will be putting spelling words on here and checking in about major assignments, projects, and test dates. If you ever have any questions, feel free to e-mail me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call me at 515-266-3433.


Like I said, this year I will be teaching 5-8 grade Language Arts and 7-8 grade Reading, as well as 6th grade Math.


We started the year off by doing some grammar in all of the Language classes. We worked a lot with sentence structure as well as finding the subject, predicate and identifying sentences by purpose. We finished up that unit in mid-September and now we are onto a writing unit, which we will be working on for a majority of October.


  • The 8th graders are pre-writing and will be writing a personal narrative, depicting a specific event that they find memorable in their lives. We are working on incorporating descriptive language and dialogue into this writing piece.
  • The 7th graders will be pre-writing and writing an eyewitness piece, where they will write about an event they observed. The focus trait for this paper will be organization and chronological order; the students are learning the importance of making sure they have their details in logical order from first to last.
  • The 6th graders will be pre-writing and writing an autobiographical paper, focusing on descriptive language and ‘characterization,’ meaning that they will look at the things that make them who they are.
  • The 5th graders are working with the Journey’s Series, where we are working with nouns—both common and proper nouns, as well as planning a fictional narrative, and actually writing a fictional narrative later in the month. The students will complete many different steps to write a well though out narrative with a plot, diverse characters, and dialogue.
  • In reading class, we are finishing up Catherine, Called Bird; a book written as a diary of a girl during the Middle Ages. The students will have a final project to complete, where they will research a specific topic of the Middle Ages and write their own journal entry on their findings.

These projects will all be due during the middle of October, but every class will have class time to work on the projects, where we will use the iPads and revision to make the papers the best they can be.


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