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October 21

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I hope everyone had a refreshing and fun 4 day weekend! It was so great to meet many of you at conferences and put a face with a name (I can see the resemblance of so many of you to your kids!!)


Now that we are back and in full force until the end of the trimester (November 15), I wanted to update you on a few things that are going on in Reading and Langauge class.


5 & 6 Language:

We are using the Journey's series by Houghton Mifflin in 5 and 6 langauge class this year (as well as in their reading classes). The students are starting to get the routine down and they come into class very excited to learn. Each 45 minute class, we start class with 5 minutes of Daily Oral Language (DOL), then continue on with 10 minutes of spelling practice (sorts, proof-reading, working with synanoms, anttonyms, etc.). We then do 15 minutes of grammar practice and 15 minutes of writing. The writing component is an extension of what they are covering in Reading class, so we use the same vocabulary and focus trait. This week, both 5th and 6th grade are focusing on verbs and the writing trait of organization.

Each lesson in Journeys will span 7 class periods, with testing on the 7th day. That means that we will have spelling tests 7 days after beginning a lesson. Spelling tests WILL NOT necessarily be on Friday anymore. Along with the spelling test, each 7th day, the students will have a 10 question grammar assessment that assess what we covered that week. This lesson's assessment will be over verbs: action verbs, main verbs, helping verbs, etc. The assessments for Lesson 6 will be October 29 (next Tuesday). As always, check my spelling website for word lists and more information:


7-8 Language:

In 7-8th language, we will spend the remainder of the trimester working on poetry. The students will read a variety of poetry from many different authors and time periods, as well as be writing their own poetry and forming a "book of poetry" by the end of the unit. We will start by reading Robert Frost in class this week and work with couplets and strong adjectives to really 'spice up' our writing!

*There is no spelling this week (10/21) for 7-8 grade due to Iowa Assessments


8 Reading:

The 8th grade reading students finished reading Catherine, Called Birdy and submitted "Middle Age research projects" that they completed with a partner last week. Many of you had a chance to look at the book we compiled as a class during conferences; I think the kids did a wonderful job on this project! Now we are onto our next novel: Holes. This modern novel by Louis Sachar is about a boy who goes to a camp for "bad boys" and is required to dig holes everyday to 'build character.' We are really focusing on plot and vocabulary with this novel. Additionally, your student needs to be working on their Accelerated Reading goal, which is to be met by the end of the trimester (November 15).


6th Math:

This week, we are starting with lesson 31 in math class. We completed a math investigation where the students used protractors to measure and draw their own angles. We will be starting geometry this week by looking at measuring angles, finding the dimensions of figures, and expanding on the concept of different types of triangles. The students will have a test next Wednesday October 30. Because the material is increasing in difficulty, I will hold a study session next Wedneday morning at 7:45 to review before the test. Everyone is welcome to attend!


Dates to Remember:

10/21-10/25: Iowa Assessments Week

10/23: Mass

10/27: Halloween Party for School and Parish 4-7 pm @ school  

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