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It's November!

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We are ready for another week and I cannot believe it's already November! There are only two weeks left in the trimester, but they will be busy weeks! Here's what is planned for this upcoming week (Nov. 4-8)


First of all, the Iowa Catholic Radio Station will be broadcasting from St. Joseph School all week! There is a class competition going on to see who can get the most votes; and whichever class receives the most votes wins a pizza party! Make sure to vote for the COOLEST class by following the link below:


6th Grade Math: We are continuing to work with percents, fractions, and decimals. The kids are learning how to change fractions into percents, percents into decimals, etc. We are also working a lot on adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing mixed numbers and fractions. Your math student will most likely have homework every night, unless we have a test! We are looking at a test Thursday, Nov. 7th followed by an Investigation Activity on Nov. 8. As always, I will be at school early on Thursday and willing to review with any students who want to come for a quick review before the test!


5-6 Language: We are still working with Journeys and the students seem to be getting into a routine with the material. The students work on spelling, grammar, and writing everyday. Additionally, two days per 7 day cycle, we have writer's workshops, where the students get the chance to write about certain topics. This week, our focus for 5th grade is Organization, and our focus for 6th grade is Voice. We have writer's workshop on Tuesday and Thursday this week. Both 5th and 6th graders will have their spelling test on Friday, Nov. 8th. Check my spelling websites for the words if you need them. Additionally, the students will have spelling pages out of their Reader's Notebooks due on Friday. We start class each day by working on spelling, but if they don't complete the worksheets in class, they become homework. We are also working on spelling word sorts and proofreading activities to strengthen spelling skills in the classroom. Ms. Campbell's spelling website: 


7-8 Language: The students are in the middle of a poetry unit, where we are exploring different poets and different types of poetry. Last week, we looked at some of Edgar Allan Poe's poetry to go along with Halloween. We will continue working with poetry this week, highlighting different types of poems (couplets, Clerihew poetry, Diamonte, etc.) The students will have a poetry terms quiz on Wed. Nov 6th. This will be a short quiz over different literary and stylistic elements that are used in poetry. The students have a copy of the terms already. Next week, we will begin work on their final projects for the poetry unit, which is making a poetry book. These will be due next Wed. November 13th. Additionally, we will continue to have spelling these next two weeks. We will be working on spelling games and word sorts in class, but your child should be bringing home spelling practice sheets as well. I will update the spelling words on my website at the beginning of every week, so please take a look! Ms. Campbell's spelling website:


8th Reading: We are still working with the novel Holes, but we are finishing up at the end of this week. The students have done a great job diving deeper into this text and many of them seemed to enjoy reading the book. We will be completing final projects on this novel, which will take us to the end of the trimester. Many of the students are very close to completeing their AR goals, which are due at the end of the trimester (Nov. 15). It is important that the students meet their goal each trimester, so really encourage your student to take AR test as much as possible! We will start a new unit after the trimester. 


Upcoming events:

Nov. 6: Mass @ 8:30 am

Nov 6: H&S Meeting @ 6:30 pm

Nov 7: Dress Down Day

Nov 7: Picture Retake Day

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