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This month has been busy; we have had lots going on in every class!


In 7th and 8th grade language, we finished up our grammar unit and have started a series of writing units. We are currently working on our "How-To" papers, where the students chose a topic with a process (i.e. How to Make an Ice Cream Sundae) and write a detailed account of this process. So far, we are having a lot of fun with the unit. We got to practice in class by describing Starburts and writing detailed instructions for making a PB&J sandwich. This unit will wrap up right before conferences, when the students will give a speech about their paper. I have listed the duedates for the remainder of the project below. We will continue to have spelling every week. I will start to post the words on my blog rather than my website, as the website is shutting down. Check here weekly for spelling word updates. I will post the new words tomorrow afternoon. The 8th grade spelling test will be on Friday, February 14th but due to Valentine's Day parties, the 7th graders will test on Thursday, February 13. 

Due Dates for "How-To" Project:

Monday 2/10- 1st draft due (peer edit during class)

Tuesday 2/11- peer edit due

Thursday 2/13 (7th grade)- 2nd draft due (typed on Schoology)

Friday 2/14 (8th grade)- 2nd draft due (typed on Schoology)

Monday 2/17- Final papers due on Schoology

Monday 2/17-Wednesday 2/19- How-To speeches during class


5-6th Grade Language: We have been working very hard this month with grammar and writing. We have had a lot of fun with various different writer's workshops, including learning how to write a persuasive letter, a friendly letter, and a buisness letter. We have also participated in the "Great American Mail Race" with all our knowledge of letter writing! We received mail from a school in Alabama and wrote back using all of the skills we had learned in our workshops this month. It was pretty neat to see how our school was similar/different to theirs. We will continue working with the Journeys schedule, which is the same for reading and language. We will have 1 more spelling & grammar quiz this trimester (Feb 12). After this cycle, I wil start posting the spelling words here on my blog rather than on the spelling website, as the website is shutting down. Please check here, as it will have the words and when the post tests will be. We are currently on lesson 14, where the 6th graders are learning about active and passive voice in writing and reading and the 5th graders are learning about commas and semicolons. The next lesson will focus on verb tenses for both grades. 


7-8th Reading: We just wrapped up our independent reading project in 7-8th reading class. I think the kids really enjoyed doing this unit, as they had the opportunity to pick their book and select their own projects. I have really enjoyed looking at the projects that the students completed for this unit. On Monday, we started our non-fiction unit, where we are reading the book The Freedom Walkers, a series of stories during the Civil Rights Movement. After we finish this book, we will be reading The Watsons go to Birimgham, and we will compare how these two books are alike/different. As the trimester comes to a close, AR goals are due as well. The trimester ends on February 21; please urge your child to meet their AR goal by then. We will be taking the AR test over The Freedom Walkers by the end of the trimester. Please e-mail me with questions or concerns about AR This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Important Dates:

2/11 6 pm -athletic pictures

2/12 8:30 am- mass

2/13 11:45 am- 5-8 field trip to "I am Jack"

2/13 4 pm- LAST cheerleading practice

2/14 2 pm- Valentine's Day Parties

2/18- 7th grade field trip to Dowling Catholic High School



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