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Math-We are still working through Saxon 6th grade math! The students are all doing a great job and we are following the same schedule as usual-5 lessons, review, test. After every 10 lessons, we have an investigation activity. The next investigation will be about finiding angle measurements and classifying polygons by their sides and angles measures. We have started a consistent review routine, where we complete the review sheet in class the class period before the test. If you would like additional review materials or worksheets, please just let me know! The studnets seem to be doing very well after reviewing as a group.


6th Language- The 6th graders are doing a great job in Language. They are busy learning about adjectives and adverbs and next week, we will move on to working with punctuation. They are also doing a weekly writer's workshop based on their focus skill in language and reading class. This week's focus skill was voice and next week, will we be working on the focus trait detail. As always, we have spelling with every unit. If you would like the words, please let me know and I can make those available to you. I no longer post them on my weebly website, but I can make sure you have those if necessary. Please send me an e-mail if you are interested!


5th Language: The 5th graders are working on prepositions in Language class. They have done many activities and writer's workshops dealing with prepositions and prepositional phrases this unit. They will quiz over prepositions on Monday, March 31. Next unit, we will focus on pronouns. We will be working with our Reader's Notebook and doing a series of writer's workshops as well. The focus trait for next unit will be voice, so we will work with narrative writing in our writer's workshops. As always, we are continuing to work on spelling with every unit. The next spelling test will be Monday, March 31. If you would like the spelling words, please let me know and I will make them available to you. I am not posting them on my weebly website any more but if you would like the words, please let me know! 


7-8th Reading: In reading, we are working on a Holocaust unit. They are reading "The Book Thief" and doing a series of projects related to the Holocaust. We will be working on this book until Easter break. We generally have reading homework every night, so you may see this book come home often! After Easter we will wrap up the year with one last book. We are still deciding what we want to read, but it will be a fun, quick unit!


7th Language: We have been working on a debate unit and are finally about to give our final debates in class next week. They have done a great job working in teams, researching, and have shown great interest in their research. After the debate unit is over, we will be going back to grammar and working on a few units of grammar before finishing the year with a research project. As always, we will be doing spelling every week. If you would like the words, please let me know and I can make those available to you. 


8th Language: The 8th graders have been working hard the past month working on a debate unit. They have been very diligant when researching and many of them are very interested and excited about debate. We will finish this unit next week, when they formally present their debates for the class. After this unit is over, we will work on grammar again focusing on parts of speech and correct punctuation. We will finish the year off by writing one last paper! As always, we will continue to have spelling every week. If you would like the spelling words, please let me know and I can make them available to you!


Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns

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Happy Spring!!

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