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Welcome Back!

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Welcome back to St. Joseph! I hope everyone had a great summer and is ready for another exciting year. We have hit the ground running and will continue learning and growing all year J Here’s what is going on in Miss Campbell’s classes…


8th Math: We have conquered out first 7 math lessons and the students are all doing a GREAT job. Our focus for the first ten lessons is fractional parts and equations using arithmetic. We will have our first test on Thursday, September 4th, followed by an investigation activity on Friday, September 5th. We will follow this pattern for the remainder of the year: 5 lessons, followed by a test and an investigation after every 10 lessons. Please contact me with questions or if you would like extra resources for home!


6th Grade Language: The 6th graders have done a great job coming prepared and ready to learn for language class. We started the year by learning the importance of developing sturdy sentence structures and main ideas in order to develop effective paragraphs. We will continue this lesson by learning the different types of paragraphs and identifying when they would be used and finally, we will be using all our knowledge to start writing our own papers. These will be autobiographical essays, focusing on chronological order and details. More information will be provided as this gets closer, but please email me with any questions! We will have spelling tests every Friday (and they will always have a spelling sheet that accompanies their words). Their next spelling test will be Friday, September 5th.


7th Grade Language: The 7th graders are off to a great start! We started by focusing on paragraph structure, highlighting the importance of main ideas and topic sentences. From there, we will move on to learning about the four types of paragraphs and finally, students will use their knowledge of “the paragraph” to construct their own piece of writing. They will be writing an autobiographical piece focusing on logical order and main ideas. More information will be sent home as the project nears, but if you have any questions, please contact me! In addition, we will have spelling every week (words are given on Monday & written in their planner). Spelling tests will be Friday, and the spelling sheet assigned on Monday will be due on Friday as well.


8th Grade Language: The 8th graders have had a great start to language class this year! We have started the year by looking at sentence and paragraph structure and have really looked into chronological, logical, and spatial order. They have created a timeline of their lives to demonstrate chronological order and attempted to describe their ‘dream house’ using spatial order; they have made learning so fun in language! We will continue to apply their knowledge of paragraph and sentence structure by writing a paper in the coming weeks. More information will be given as the date draws nearer, but please contact me with any questions! As always, spelling tests will be on Fridays and their spelling sheet (assigned on Monday) will be turned in on Friday as well. Their spelling words can be found in the planner every week!


7th Grade Religion: We have been focusing on the Sacraments in religion class. We started with an overview of the Sacraments of Initiation this week and will go more in depth with each of these Sacraments in the coming weeks. They have had the opportunity to reflect on their own experience with faith as well as look at what the Scripture has to say about our faith. We will continue to work in and out of the book as the year progresses.


7-8th Reading: We have started reading “The Giver”, which has sparked some great discussion in reading class! Along with reading, the students were given a vocabulary packet, which they should complete as they read their assigned chapters. We will complete discussion questions, activities, and review in class for the most part, but most reading will take place outside of class. If your child is having trouble keeping up with the reading schedule, please let me know and I can work with you & him or her to alleviate some of the work load. We will be working with “The Giver” for about three more weeks.


Other Important News:

If you have not yet signed up for Class DoJo, please do that ASAP. It is a key way for us to communicate with parents about what is going on at school.

There is a 6th, 7th, & 8th grade mixer on September 10th at 6 pm. If you would like more details, feel free to contact Home & School, Mrs. Konchar, or one of the middle school teachers!

First dress down day: Thursday, September 4thJ

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