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Happy New Year!

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As we get ready to wrap up one year and start a new one, here is what to look forward to in Ms. Campbell's classes come 2016... Math: Students will start with Lesson 46 right when we return. We will hit the ground running, as we will cover 55 lessons this half of the school year! After every 5 lessons, there will be a test and after every 10 lessons, we will continue to have investigation activities. I am always here at 7:00 am if any student would like additional help as the content gets harder! 6th Language: Students will take their unit test over nouns right before break and we will start with our unit of pronouns after break. We will continue with different parts of speech until spring break. After spring break, we will have our final writing unit, a research paper. Spelling will continue on a weekly basis after break! 8th Language: Students will continue with units covering the different parts of speech when we get back from break. We will start with pronouns; continue with adjectives and so on until spring or Easter break. After Easter break, students will write their final paper for the year, a research paper. We will continue with spelling on a weekly basis after break! 8th Reading: We are just finishing our unit over The Maze Runner, and the students seem to really have enjoyed it! Our focus for that novel was prediction. Students spent a lot of the novel trying to predict and infer what would happen based on the information we had. We will watch the movie after break and complete a compare/contrast activity that has the students look at similarities and differences between the book and the novel. Our first book after break will be "Ungifted" by James Gordon. In this novel, we will focus on sequencing and re-telling of events. After that novel, we will do our Holocaust novel. 8th Religion: We have been very busy preparing for our Advent prayer services, Masses, and the Advent Program at school so we have taken a break from the book to learn the true meaning of Advent and service. Students have spent time this Advent season reflecting on their own process of preparation, as well as going through an examination of conscience to prepare for Reconciliation. After break, we will get back into the book and start with the 10 Commandments. We will be assigning parts for the Living Stations shortly after break. The date for the Living Stations in March 25 and it is not too early to start planning! Christmas break would be a good time to talk to your child about what part they would be interested in. More information to come on that after break. I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year! I look forward to seeing everyone when we return in January! God Bless, Ms. Campbell
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