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Welcome Back!

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This month has been busy in my classes, but all students are adjusting to a new school year quite well! Here's what to look forward to for the next month in Mrs. Fischer's classes: 8th Grade Math: We will continue working through our Saxon Math Textbook. Students are focusing on a 'review' of all concepts right now from previous years in math. This will continue until about Lesson 25, when students will move into geometry and algebra concepts. We will have a test every 5 lessons and an investigation after every 10 lessons. 8th Grade Language: Students just finished writing their personal narratives. They were asked to pick an incident that was important to them; one where they learned a lesson. They all did very well with this and had some great personal narrative stories! Now, we are starting poetry. We have an exciting opportunity to be able to publish a class book through Scholastic! Each student will pick one or two or their poems, paired with illustrations, and we will compile all of their poetry into a book. I will have more details on that as the time comes nearer. We will continue working with DOL (daily oral language) every day [it is collected at the end of the week for a quiz grade]. Also, spelling will continue to be administered every week! Let me know if you have any questions. 8th Religion: Students are busy exploring the 4 marks of the Church: Holy, Catholic, One, Apostolic. We have already mastered the concepts of "Holy" and 'Apostolic' and are working on "Catholic" right now. Next, we will look at the concept of 'one' in depth. The religion tests are fairly difficult and I encourage students to take full advantage of the study guides I send home-they are very helpful on the tests! 8th Reading: We just finished our first novel, The View From Saturday. We looked at point of view in this novel and did a lot of different activities that invovled different points of view. Students are now starting the novel The Maze Runner. We will look at the theme of 'working together' during this novel. Students will have a lot of activities that involve actual team work during this novel. We will be watching the film that accompanies this novel at the end of the unit. I will send home more information about that soon! Students will also benchmark with me in late October/early November. We will use this to measure their reading comprehension, fluency, and accuracy when reading. We prepare for benchmarking each week by doing fluency reads with partners in class to start each class period. 6th Language: Students are busy working on their first writing assignment: autobiographical incidents. They are in the process of brainstorming a good incident to write about and will spend time pre-writing, drafting, writing, and revising an autobiographical incident paper. They will have a lot of class time to work on this so I can guide them, but also expect some work at home with typing or revising! They are also working on DOL (Daily Oral Language) everyday, which is taken as a quiz grade every Friday. Also, spelling is administered and tested every week for a quiz grade. Please keep in mind these important dates: October 4: Picture Day & St. Francis Prayer Service @ 2:40 October 6: Dress Down Day (free) October 7: DCHS grade visit 8th grade @ 9:00 am & Track and Fun Day 1-3:00 pm October 8: St. Joe's Blue & Gold Gala @ 6:00 pm October 10 & 11: Conferences 4:00-7:00 pm October 13: Conferences 1:00-8:00 pm October 13-17: No School! October 21: Spirit Day ($1) October 24-27: Iowa Assessments Week October 25: 6-8th Field Trip to "The Amazing Jamie Cavanaugh" @ 12:30 pm @ Civic Center October 26: 8th Grade has Mass October 27: Dress Down (missions) October 31-November 4: Benchmarking Week Happy Fall! Mrs. Fischer
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