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October has been a busy month! Here is what we've beeing up to, as well as what to look forward to in the next few weeks... *Math: Students are doing a great job with new math concepts. Keep up the good work! We will continue with a lesson every day and a test after every 5 lessons, along with an investigation after every 10 lessons. We are working on algebra concepts, so please stay in touch with me if students need extra help! *8th Language: Students just finished their poetry unit. The first week of Novemeber will be spent learning about Shakespeare and preparing a Shakespeare reader's theater to preform to 7th grade. After poetry is complete, we will get back into grammar (parts of speech) until Thanksgiving break. The time between Thanksgiving and Christmas will be spent writing our expository (how-to) paper! *8th Reading: We are almost finished with our second novel of the trimester, The Maze Runner. We will complete this unit the 2nd week of Novemeber, where the students will have the opportunity to watch the film that goes along with the novel and write a comparison essay of the two literary works. Our next novel will be Ungifted, which will focus on point of view and sequencing. Additionally, we will be benchmarking the week of October 31-please let me know if you have any questions about that! *8th Religion: We are working on Unit 2 in our books now-focusing on Councils, Conflicts, and Creeds. Students will start guidance during second trimester with Mrs. Rodine-during guidance, students will focus on career and college planning and have visits from high school counselors! *6th Language:We have started our literary elements and poetry unit, which will continue until the end of the trimester. After we conclude with that, we will work on grammar (parts of speech) and then write our how to paper after Thanksgiving Break. We will continue with spelling on a regular basis as well! Happy Fall, everyone!
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