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Dear Family of St. Joseph’s, April is a glorious month; the beginning of spring and renewal of life. In fact, the word April means “to open.” April is a month full of feast days and little known celebrations such as; The Cart Before the Horse Day on April 2nd, Raining Cats and Dogs Day on April 3rd, the Feast of St. Vincent Ferrer, Patron of Builders, on April 5th, the celebration of the First Human Cannonball on the 10th, and the Feast of St. Mark, Arbor Day and Baptism Day on the 25th, just to name a few. All had great significance when they were initially celebrated and have lost their meaning throughout time. It makes me reflect upon the things we hold so important now- will they be important even fifty years from now? Most teachers breathe a sigh of relief when April 1st falls on a week-end and thus are able to avoid All Fools’ Day, and the numerous “jokes” played during the day. The first of April probably became All Fools’ Day in 1564. That was the year the French began to use the new Gregorian calendar. A few centuries before that, Christians had moved the start of the new year from January 1 to March 25, Annunciation Day. Everyone celebrated the New Year for eight days. On April 1, the festival ended with parties where gifts were exchanged. In 1564, the first of January once again became the first day of the year but some didn’t want to “change with the times” and continued to follow the old celebration schedule. These people became known as “April Fools.” Playing tricks on people became a tradition later as a way to prove someone a fool, those who could not change became a fool as well. So, beware of tricks this April Fool’s Day! Applications for the George and Mary Kremer Foundation tuition grants are available in our school office. This is a foundation we have received an annual grant from for the past several years and is another way we are able to help make Catholic education available to all of our families. To be eligible for an award, your family must meet the financial guidelines of the foundation. For a family of four(or less), the household income must not exceed $44,863.00 annually. Additional family members are increased by $7,696.00 for each additional family member. The completed application and copy of the 2015 Income Tax Return Form 1040 is returned to Mrs. Konchar (program administrator) by the deadline of May 6th. Please contact the school office at 266-3433 for an application. All contents of the application remain confidential. Please join us for our presentation of “Seussical! The Musical!” presented by our middle school students this Friday and Saturday (April 8th and 9th) at 7:00 in our school gym. Special thanks to our performers, their parents, and our directors; Mrs. Carissa Jones, Ms. Carolyn Campbell and Mr. Josh Fitkin for their dedication of time and talent to make this production a success. Many of our students will be traveling to various field trips throughout the month of April. We continue to be grateful to the Civic Center for their generous support of our school and students. We will continue to offer free 4 year old voluntary preschool during the 2016-2017 school year. If you are interested in learning more about this program please contact our school office at 266-3433. Fondly, Mrs. Phyllis J. Konchar
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