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November in Phys. Ed.

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5-8th Physical Education


We will be focusing on the fundamentals of volleyball during the month of November. Volleyball originated in the United States and is played worldwide today. It was developed to provide an indoor game to be played during the long,cold winters in  the northeastern states. William C. Morgan is credited with the origination of the game in 1895 at a YMCA in Massachusetts. Volleyball requires quick movements and reactions to the position of the ball. Students will learn overhand and underhand serving based on their age and skill levels. We will learn proper technique of bumping and setting of the ball. Lower grade levels may use a beach ball and foam balls in lead up activities to playing the game. Students will play a lead-up game called Newcombe Ball.




3-4th Grade PE


Students will learn to serve beach balls, foam balls, and volleyballs using the underhand technique. We will play some games using an overhand striking motion but not in a volleyball setting. Students will use beach balls in learning how to set the ball and bump (forearm pass). Students will play a lead-up game called Newcombe Ball.


K-2 PE


We will be doing our striking unit learning to strike objects held or tossed in one hand with the other hand. We will use balloons, foam balls, beach balls, paddles, and other items.




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