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January News in Physical Education and Health

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January is here and school is back in session! This will be a busy month as we work to get back in shape after an enjoyable Christmas break.

Middle school students will play Scooter Basketball their first class back from vacation. We lower the hoops and let the kids roll around the gym floor on scooters while passing, dribbling, shooting, and scoring from their bottoms, knees, and belly. The students have a blast at this unconventional and exhausting way of playing basketball! Their activities the rest of January will focus on floor hockey skills. Stick handling, passing, trapping, shooting, and goal keeping are all taught during this unit which is always one of the favorites of our middle school students.

The elementary students in K-4 will be involved in several activities this month. Students will be working on improving their skills at dribbling, shooting, passing, and catching  basketballs. The focus is on fundamentals using a basketball rather than making  the kids basketball players. Activities are designed so that all students will reach some level of success in participating with a basketball. We will be using scooters in class as a fitness tool. Moving your body around the gym on a small scooter can certainly build strength, endurance, coordination, and be fun! Elementary students will learn the proper way to hold a Jr. Hockey stick while learning how to manipulate an object puck/ball while controlling it. Grades 3 & 4 will be allowed to play floor hockey using the skills they will learn in handling a stick. We will finish the month with the beginning of a jump rope unit.

In Health class 5-8th graders will be learning about various  systems of the human body. The body systems covered are:

5th: Circulatory and Respiratory Systems.    6th: Digestive System.   7th: Nervous System.   8th: Endocrine.



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