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Physical Education/Health in February

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Happy Valentines Day from the Physical Education Department at St. Joseph Catholic School.
All grades have been working hard to improve our hearts by jumping rope, jogging, and doing fitness station exercises. Hopefully we will be improving our hearts for the love of Jesus and one  another each and everyday!

Elementary students have been doing activities that push the heart to work at different rates and then we measure our heart rates during those activities. WE have been rope jumping for a couple weeks now and will continue to incorporate this into our cardio-endurance portion of class. Tag games our used as instant activities to get our hearts pumping and the blood flowing to warm our muscles for stretching and strength exercises. We will finish the month doing tumbling activities to improve coordination, transfer of weight from one body part to another, and balance.

Middle School students have been working with kettle bells, dumbells, strength bands, body bars, and other tools to improve strength. We use light weight, multiple reps, and stress proper technique in our strength fitness exercises. Our cardio workout is a 5 minute jog with agilities and exercises included in that 5 minutes. Students are working on short and long rope jumping activities. The students are choosing the sports activity each period that they want to participate with each other.

In Health the 5-8th graders are continuing to learn about systems of the body.





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