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Physical Education/Health for May

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Happenings in May PE/Health


Middle School students are finishing their final fitness testing for the school year. Students have been participating and enjoying  a new game called Gator Ball which is a combination of Soccer, football, and basketball. We will finish the year by playing softball/tennis racket baseball. 8th graders will be supervising stations during our Field Fun Day on May 15, 2015. The Fun Day will run from 1:00-3:00. An informational sheet is being sent home to parents on April 30th. Please volunteer to help the 8th graders supervise this fun event.

3-4th graders have completed their fitness testing and all elementary classes are working with manipulative sports equipment to develop hand/foot eye coordination. We have used playground balls, beanbags, hula hoops, balloons, scoops, foxtails, tennis balls, yarn balls, and soccer balls to name a few objects they have been using.

In Health, the 3rd graders have been learning about skin, nails, and hair as part of the Integumentary System. 4th graders have been studying about the Skeletal and Muscular systems. K-2 have learned about teeth and the 5 senses.


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