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Sept./Oct. Phys. ED. Newsletter

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The beginning of the 2015-16 school year is off to a great start in Physical Education. All classes went through Day 1 in PE (orientation day) learning about routines, rules, and expectations/consequences. Middle school students were read and given a syllabus to take home and review with their parents/guardians. It was to be signed and returned so hopefully you saw the syllabus! Grades 5-8 have been fitness testing the past couple weeks. They are measured in flexibility, muscular endurance/strength, and cardio endurance. When not testing their activities have included softball, tennis racquet baseball, gatorball ( incorporates football, soccer, and basketball skills), and football passing, punting, and kicking. Students in K-4 had their orientation lessons involving classroom management activities. We have been using a lot of manipulative physical skills using hoops, beanbags, and throwing skills. We have practiced kicking, trapping, and passing soccer balls, Last week we were passing and punting footballs and bouncing and catching playground balls. Thank you to all who have donated used or new items to ou PE equipment drive. We have the month of October to donate to the program. Mr. Bender
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