Thursday, 26 September 2013 15:17

Physical Education in October

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October is a great time of the year for students to be outside playing and being active. Please encourage your students to stay fit and get outside and enjoy the beautiful weather.


Middle school students will run the PACER endurance run for the 2nd time this fall. Let's hope for some improvement in their aerobic capacity levels. Our football unit will be this month and we will be stressing skills and activities that all can participate in and show some competence.  We will follow the football unit with our soccer unit. Fitness will continue to be stressed for the first half of each class.


Elementary students will continue to work on improving their locomotor skills and their agilities. Students will learn the proper way to throw, catch, kick, and punt either a football or other type of ball. We will also be starting our manipulative units this month. This involves handling and controlling different types of objects.                          

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