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May PE

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PE in May:


The home stretch is here, the Kentucky Derby has come and gone, but the students are still working out and learning in Physical Education.


3-8th grade students have completed their fitness testing for the school year. Students were evaluated and most everybody improved in the following areas.

1. Cardio-Endurance (PACER RUN)

2. Flexibility (Sit-n-reach)

3. Muscular Endurance/Strength (Pull-Ups/Arm Hang)

4. Speed and Agility (Shuttle Run)

5. Muscular Endurance/Strength (Sit-Ups)


K-4 students are finishing the year with manipulatives using equipment such as whiffle ball bats, hula hoops, scoops, parachute, and play ground balls. We will work on learing how to control these items and perform skills while using these items.


5-8 are finished with soccer and moving on to softball/baseball type acivities.


I hope all parents will encourage your children to stay active over the summer.

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