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Band, Bells, and Bach

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Welcome back to another year at St. Joseph School!  I hope you all had a restful summer

and are now ready for another exciting year in Band, Bells, and Bach (piano)!

Registration forms are available on the St. Joseph web site.  Please sign up now to enroll.

The deadline for enrollment is August 28th.  Here is some important information about the

instrumental music program:






Just like last year, we will have two concert bands.  The beginning band will be called

the Blue Band and the Advanced Band (students who have played for at least one year)

will be called the Gold Band.  In addition to the two concert bands, we will be adding

an ensemble called the “Jazz 4 Jesus” Jazz Band.  “Jazz 4 Jesus” is open to any student

who already plays in the Gold Band.



The rehearsals for these ensembles are as follows:


Blue Band     Thursdays at 11:45-12:30


Gold Band    Wednesdays at 11:06-11:44


Jazz 4 Jesus  Fridays at 11:30-12:10




The first activity for the Gold Band is All-City Marching Band which is September 26th. 

The two rehearsals for this event are September 18 & 25, at 4:00 pm, at Dowling High School.






 We will have three Bell Choirs this year: The Rainbow Ringers (K-2), the Heavenly Chimes (3-5),

and the Hallelujah Ringers (6-8).  This year we will be using  Handbells in the Heavenly Chimes

and the Hallelujah Ringers.  The rehearsal times for the bell choirs are as follows:


Rainbow Ringers    Tuesdays at 1:20-2:00


Heavenly Chimes    Tuesdays at 11:45-12:30


Hallelujah Ringers  Tuesdays at 2:00-2:40




Bach (Piano)


 Piano lessons are available to any student who is in the first grade or higher.

Most of the piano students will be scheduled on Mondays, with Fridays being

the make-up day for missed lessons due to school in-service or cancellations. 




General Announcements


 Please be sure to send your children with a bag to carry all of his/her music books

back and forth to home and school.  If your child has flash cards from previous years

(Band and Piano students), please have them bring them to every lesson.

If your child does not have flash cards, we will be making them during lesson time.




Mark your calendars: October 23 is Papa Murphy's night

(E. Euclid & NE 14th Street).

A portion of the daily sales will go toward the purchase of our handbells. 

Selected ensembles will be performing in the parking lot at 6:00pm

on October 23.  Please support the instrumental music department!


It's going to be a great year in Band, Bells, and Bach! 

Please sign up now for classes!






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