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Kindergarten Spanish

Kindergarten is making lots of slow but steady progress on their colors unit.  We have learned 6 color words with 2 left to go!  I am keeping all the pages they complete in class to create a "color book" for each student at the end of the unit to send home.  Days of the week are practiced at the beginning of each class along with the sign of the cross.  Eventually we will begin to add the Our Father one phrase at a time.   


1st and 2nd Grade SpanishWe are getting better and better at days words at the beginning of each class.  Students are coming to the end of their color unit with a test happening this week!  1st graders will test Tuesday, Sept 30 an 2nd graders will test Thursday, Oct 2.  Our next unit will be school supply vocabulary.


3rd and 4th Grade Spanish

Third and fourth grade students are doing a nice job at the beginning of class with practicing their days words and using flashcards to play games in pairs.  We have begun to use school supply vocabulary in simple questions and answers with the verb "to have."  They have enjoyed playing a secret object game which requires asking and answering questions of each other in Spanish.  An assessment will be given over this unit before conferences. 


5th Grade Spanish

Fifth grade students just took their first quiz on Friday, Sept 26 over supplies and colors vocabulary.  The next step will be using vocabulary in questions and answers with the verb "to have." 


We start each class with prayer and talking about the weather that day in Spanish.  Our first unit will be over supplies and colors vocabulary.  Sentence structure and noun-adjective agreement will be a big focus. 


**Middle School Memos**

All middle school students should come to class prepared with their folder, textbook (7th and 8th only), planner, free reading book, and writing utensil (black or blue pen or pencil please!)  Rather than me giving students a vocabulary list this year, they will be asked to maintain a written list of their words in their folder.  6th grade will be copying their words from the board during class while 7th and 8th will copy from their textbook.  I'm asking students to write out their words themselves because that will get them starting studying and taking more responsibility for their learning.  Each class period begins with prayer and talking about the weather for that day in Spanish.


6th Grade Spanish

Students took their first quiz last week and are now working towards using their words in questions and answers.  They were given a graphic organizer to take notes with on Friday, Sept 26.  We'll be adding to that throughout the rest of the unit. 


7th Grade Spanish

Students took their first quiz last week and are now adding feelings to their repertoire.  We will be writing partner dialogues this week to combine skills and do some speaking practice.  Students can expect a test over this first unit before conferences.


8th Grade Spanish

Eighth grade is starting with a unit focusing on verbs that end with -ar.  They will be using these verbs to describe what they do at school.  Conjugating verbs is one of the most important skills to have when speaking Spanish so we'll be spending lots of time on it this year.



Notices have been sent home for students who qualify for TAG.  TAG will be the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of each month.  If there is no school that week, then there will be no class to make up for it since I teach elementary keyboarding on 1st and 3rd Wednesdays.  Below is a tentative schedule for when students will be pulled beginning Wednesday, October 8.  Students in grades 5-7 are responsible for completing any work they miss from class.  Students need to go to their regular class and I will come get them from there.


6th - 10:33-11:04 - missing Language w/ Ms. Campbell

4th - 12:30-1:00 - missing library w/ Mrs. Dunn

5th - 2:00-2:30 - missing social studies w/ Mrs. Basch 

7th - 2:34-3:07 - missing social studies w/ Ms. Ramaekers


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