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Kindergarten Colors are done and we have begun studying school supply vocabulary!  Students have barely begun working on the Our Father prayer also.

First and Second grades are plowing through their school supply unit.  Each class we are addressing a word or two that they have either studied before and forgotten or not studied yet at all.  At the end of the class period, they add a smaller picture of the item studied to their larger backpack picture and label it in Spanish.  We are also working on numbers 11-19. 

Third and Fourth grades are almost done with their first unit and will be testing in the next class period or two.  We have been making questions and statements using the verb "to have."  Students have done work with putting words in the correct order and also with translating from one language to the other.

Fifth grade is finally coming to the end of their first unit!  We have studied the verb "to have", reviewed school supply and color vocabulary, and done some noun-adjective agreement with questions and answers.  Phew!  They have done a couple homework assignments and will have another quiz in the gradebook before the end of the trimester.  Their unit test will be in the next couple of weeks. 

Sixth grade is finally coming to the end of their first unit using prepositions and supply words in sentences.  Students have kept a graphic organizer with notes and have done lots of in-class practice with puzzles.  They will be testing in the next couple of weeks before the end of the trimester.  Also, there is a second quiz grade in the book from watching a video about the Mexican holiday The Day of the Dead and answering questions about it.

Seventh grade has their first test done for the year and is now working on a short Day of the Dead (Mexican holiday) project in class.  It will count as a quiz score before we go on to our next unit which will cover asking and answering about where someone is from, how old they are, and what things they like or dislike.

Eighth grade just took a quiz over verb conjugations which they've been working on for a while and did rather well. Scores are posted to PowerSchool.  We will study one more short concept, adding other nouns to the verbs to form short sentences, before testing.


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