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K-8 either has recently or will soon discuss Our Lady of Guadalupe and work on more prayers in Spanish in preparation for our prayer service on Friday, December 12

Kindergarten is currently working on family member vocabulary.  By the end of the unit, they will know words for mom and dad, grandparents, siblings, aunt and uncle.  We continue to do prayer at the beginning of class; they know the first couple of lines of the Our Father.  Also, we do actions with the days of the week each class after prayer and have begun working identifying yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

1st and 2nd grades are also working on family members and making booklets to keep their work in.  2nd grade is even translating sentences back to English with adjectives to describe their family members!

3rd and 4th grades are barely getting started on a family unit which will include making family trees, adding more vocabulary to the words they already know, and doing much more work with sentences than in the past.

5th grade recently learned about Day of the Dead, traditionally celebrated at the end of October and beginning of November in Mexico during the time of All Saints and All Souls days.  Students were asked to complete an in-class task for a quiz grade.  After Thanksgiving, they will be moving on a clothing unit again focusing on noun-adjective agreement.

6th grade will be doing a family vocabulary unit which will eventually culminate in a family photo album project.  They had their first vocabulary assignment due on Monday, November 24.  They will be adding more vocabulary to the words they've learned in the past and also learning to talk about more than 1 person in the same sentence.

7th grade has been working on numbers 1-30 and questions with answers about someone's age and place of origin.  They have taken a quiz over that content.  The numbers section went well, but the questions with answers was a big struggle for many so I only took the numbers section for a grade and will reteach the rest and requiz after Thanksgiving.

8th grade has completed their unit on verbs ending in -ar.  Now we have begun work on verbs ending in -er and -ir.  All verbs in Spanish end in one of these 3 ways.  We will continue to focus on learning the verb infinitives (to do, to help, to study, to ______ in English) and how to conjugate each type of verb (I do, you do, she does, we do, they do in English). 

NJHS has our first project for the year happening on Wednesday, December 3 after school from about 330 to 500.  We will be vising the Parkview Nursing Home in Pleasant Hill to play bingo with the residents.  Parents of members, please let me know via email if your student will participate and if you can help transport students to/from.

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