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December Blog - ¡Feliz Navidad!

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Kindergarten has been working on learning family members and adjectives to describe them.  We have a couple more words to work on after break and then we will be ready to assess.  First grade assessed today over their family unit.  They listened as an English sentence was read aloud and then filled in blanks with the correct Spanish words that meant the same.  Second grade also assessed today over their family unit.  They put words in the correct order to form sentences and translated sentences from Spanish to English with a word bank.  Third grade has been working on a family unit including doing a short cut and paste family tree.  Those family trees should be coming home this week.  Fourth grade made their own family tree including boxes for people in their family and lines showing relationship.  They had to write in each box how that person is related to them in Spanish.  For example, for their grandma they would write "abuela."  Fifth grade has begun a clothing unit and will be completing and in-class assignment tomorrow.  Once we get going with the vocabulary, we'll look at sentence formation.  Sixth grade has reviewed what they learned about family sentences in fifth grade and will be adding plurals.  They will be doing a project in January at the end of the unit.  Seventh grade has quizzed over asking and answering about someone's age and place of origin.  They are now studying how to discuss likes and dislikes.  Eighth grade recently quizzed over their new infinitive verbs list.  They have a Christmas cultural assignment due on Monday, January 5 when we come back from break. 

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