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Kindergarten has finished their family unit and has begun working on foods.  We will focus on fruits and some vegetables.  1st and 2nd grades are about halfway through their food unit.  Both are studying fruits and vegetables.  We have been focusing on matching up the English word with the Spanish word and also pronouncing the Spanish words correctly.  3rd and 4th grades just took their test on family members and adjectives.  Students were required to translate sentences using a word bank.  Skills taught during the unit included noun-adjective agreement and how to make a sentence plural.  3rd grade will do a mapping unit next and 4th grade will study people and places in the community.  5th grade has been studying clothing words and how to say what someone is wearing.  They will be doing an in-class project to finish the unit by the end of the trimester.  6th grade just turned in a project to finish their family unit which will count as their test.  Their next unit will be food and how to order in a restaurant.  7th grade is testing over age, location, likes and dislikes on Monday, February 2.  Their next unit will focus on the verbs to need, to want, and to have as well as a review of school supply words.  8th grade has been working on conjugating -er and -ir verbs in the present tense.  They will have a quiz Monday, February 2 and then they will do a project to finish the unit before the end of the trimester.

TAG students have been working on research projects which will be on display during conferences in mid-February.        

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